Otani Riddle, who did not attend the group photo shoot, even appears as a stand-in… 2G missing in a row


Has my heart left? Is the injury serious? Curiosity surrounding Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is growing. 

The match between the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles of the Major League Baseball (MLB) held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA on the 6th. The Angels team took a group photo before the game. 

There was also Shohei Otani wearing the number 17 at the event, but it was not the real Otani. Otani did not participate in the group photo shoot. 

Each MLB team takes a group photo at the end of the season like an annual event. Not only the players, but also club officials who worked hard together during the season attend to encourage each other and take commemorative photos. 

Otani, who missed the previous day (5th) due to side pain, also appeared to attend the filming wearing the number 17.소닉카지노

However, according to local reporters, the man wearing the uniform with number 17 on it was completely different from Otani’s physique and face. The club used Ohtani as a stand-in. This man, who replaced Otani, left to avoid the reporters after finishing taking commemorative photos. 

In some cases, the starting pitcher on the day does not participate in the group photo shoot for reasons such as conditioning, and a stand-in is used. However, unless there is a serious injury, it is common to attend. 

A team official said, “Ohtani was unable to participate due to a side examination.” 

Meanwhile, Ohtani, who will be eligible as a free agent after the end of this season, was left out of the starting lineup for two consecutive games against Baltimore on the 6th due to side pain. Pitcher Ohtani has been out of action since late August due to an elbow injury. 

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