20 wins, one two punches, 30 hits, 7 people. Even if it’s hard… KIA, I’m dreaming of that day again


Is it the best power since winning in 2017?

KIA Tigers is being considered a strong team in the 2024 season. As LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop mentioned KIA along with KT Wiz as the team that is on the lookout for its second consecutive win, the team seems to be suddenly overwhelmed. In fact, considering the current composition players, the mound, hitting and mobility are assessed to be within reach. Compared to the 2017 season when KIA won its 11th championship, chances are high.

At that time, five starters did not return to the starting lineup. It was effectively a four-starter system, and the fifth starter utilized the system according to circumstances. Instead, Hector Noesi and Yang Hyun-jong had 20 wins in 200 innings together. Pat Dean also garnered nine wins in 176 innings, while Lim Ki-young garnered eight wins in 118 ⅓s, contributing to the starting lineup. He deployed Jeong Yong-woon (11 games) and Kim Jin-woo (8 games) as the fifth starters. 마카오토토

Lim Chang-yong, Kim Yoon-dong and Shim Dong-seop mainly played in the bullpen. Lim won eight, lost six, and held seven, and posted seven saves, ERA 3.78, Shim won two, held two, and held two, ERA 5.68, in 52 games, and Kim recorded seven wins, four losses, six, and 11 saves, ERA 4.59, in 80 ⅓ innings in 65 games. He utilized Ko Hyo-joon (40 games), Park Jin-tae (38 games), Han Seung-taek (36 games), and Hong Geon-hee (31 games). As dizzying moments in the second half of the game receded without finishing touches, he gave up Lee Seung-ho, a promising player in the first round, and traded Kim Se-hyun (eight saves). As evidenced by his ERA, bullpen pitchers were overwhelmingly lacking.

It was the ultra-strong batting lineup that made up for the weaknesses of the bullpen. Seven of the nine batters were hitters with .300. Choi Hyung-woo, who was hired as an FA, led the team’s formidable offensiveness by posting a batting average of 342 with 26 homers and 120 RBIs, while Roger Bernadina also posted a batting average of 327 with 32 stolen bases and 111 RBIs. Hitmen Kim Sun-bin, An Chi-hong, Lee Myung-ki, Na Ji-wan and Kim Joo-chan also posted .300 batting average. They also ranked first in OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) with 0.839. They scored 905 points and 6.29 points per game in 144 games. On the other hand, they scored 5.16 points per game. There were many games to win, and it was a secret to winning the title.

In the 2024 season, five starters can be deployed. The Korean trio of Yang Hyun-jong, Lee Ui-ri and Yoon Young-chul, and Will Crowe, who spent two full years in the Major League, have joined the team. Only when the other foreign pitcher is determined will the team be able to accurately evaluate the starting lineup’s capabilities. For one, the fact that Korean starters have competitive edge is a positive factor. Crowe is expected to play as an ace considering his Major League career. Ultimately, the ability of foreign starters will likely determine the height of the starting lineup.

The bullpen session will certainly be better than that of 2017. Jung Hae-young, who is in his fifth year, has gained 90 saves and is now taking his position as a professional closing pitcher. Right-hander Jeon Sang-hyun, sidearm Lim Ki-young and left-hander Choi Ji-min, who are evaluated as finishers by recording two-point ERAs each last year, are firmly supporting them. Left-hander Lee Joon-young and right-hander Jang Hyun-sik are also reliable. Hidden Card Kim Ki-hoon (left), Yoo Seung-chul and Kwak Do-gyu (left), and veteran left-hander Kim Dae-yu are among those who can contribute.

The batting lineup also clearly has a structure. The centerpiece of the lineup is Na Sung-bum, who boasts of OPS 1.098 last year, and Choi Hyung-woo, who still demonstrated his capacity as a troubleshooter as a cleanup hitter. There is also Socrates Brito, who has hit more than 20 home runs for two consecutive years. Kim Sun-bin has exquisite batting skills at .300, and also has shortstop Park Chan-ho, and Kim Do-young and Lee Woo-sung, who succeeded in .300 for the first time. Notably, Park Chan-ho, Kim Do-young, and Choi Won-joon, who are challenging full-time, can also collaborate with 100 steals due to accurate hitting. The catcher’s bat, which includes Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su, also has competitive edge. The bat may not have the capacity of seven hitters at .300, but its strength is that it has enabled strong long-distance shots, running baseball, and even connected baseball. He proved his attack ability during the course of nine consecutive wins last year.

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