Our local hot place is here!…”Hip Temptation” in a professional soccer field


Professional soccer teams are conducting various programs to satisfy the growing number of young soccer fans. The first part was informed about the current situation by officials from the six clubs. The six clubs have recruited diverse clubs from the Seoul metropolitan area, provincial clubs, corporate clubs, and provincial and provincial clubs.

△Ulsan HD: The average number of spectators increased by 5.5% compared to last year. It was effective to strengthen events with the team. There are 16 stores, canteens, restaurants, and cafes in the stadium, and it opens four hours before kick-off. The soccer team has about 25 business days a year, so it invited local companies without paying entry fees. In April, it also opened a permanent store in Nam-gu. Most of the players live in Ulsan. Seeing the players on the street instilled a sense of connection in the fans. Ulsan has posted welcome messages and participated in simultaneous events for home and away fans so that away fans can be respected.

△Daegu FC: Before DGB Daegu Bank Park was built in 2019, there were many factories and parts stores nearby. As the stadium was built, many cafes and restaurants were built. Even if there are no games, it is crowded with people. The home stadium seats 12,000 people, so most of them are sold out. The number of seats in 500 was changed from table seats to 350, increasing the unit price. Female fans buy not only uniforms but also various accessories. Customized products for women are also being made. The product store generates 50 million won to 60 million won per game. For food, the place to buy is divided by menu, and delivery is possible outside the store. Daegu City gave the club the right to use the 25-year-old stadium. Renting a car, parking, rent, and profits from food sales are all up to the club. That’s why we encourage fans to come early. Uniform sponsors are manufacturers of everyday wear. Clothes that give a hip impression sell well.

△ Incheon United: Incheon has relatively few female fans. However, the number of female fans suddenly increased this year. This is even more so when the opponent is a big club. There are many new spectators at the opening and big matches. At that time, fans who came should be encouraged to revisit without leaving. Female fans spend more money on products than men. Incheon opened a permanent club store in Sinpo-dong last year and a club cafe will open soon. It has secured fan data and is responding quickly by detecting signals before fans leave.

△Daejeon Hana Citizen: The number of family and female fans has increased. Daejeon has increased a lot since it was promoted to the first division in eight years in 2023. Efforts have been made to improve the inconvenience of facilities and lack of food. Food booths will be installed inside the stadium this summer. Various seats are also prepared, including table seats and mat seats. There are highway entrances and subway stations near the stadium, making it easy to access. However, there are too many cars parked free of charge for a long time in the stadium parking lot, so we are preparing to pay for it.

△FC Seoul: From 2023, the number of fans in their 20s and 30s has increased, with family and female fans leading the box office. Young fans buy expensive original uniforms and various products, not cheap reproductions in the past. The club conducts surveys of its fans regularly and responds. However, the Seoul World Cup Stadium is rented by the club on the 1st. There is a limit to maximizing profits from product and food sales. 메이저놀이터

△Jeju United: There are many family fans. Since Jeju Island comes by plane, it is expanding services such as rental cars to encourage fans who come with them to take a tour. It is also making photo points where they can take a picture. Female fans are much more active and meticulous than male fans. Most of the gifts that come to the club house were sent by female fans. The stadium and nearby areas should be turned into hot places where young people come often.

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