‘What is 90%’ Mallorca coach Lee Kang-in is sure to stay… “There is no team to buyout”


Javier Aguirre (65), Mallorca coach, was convinced that Lee Kang-in (21, Mallorca) would remain on the team.

Mallorca will face Osasuna in the 17th round of La Liga in the 2022-2023 season held in El Sadar, Pamplona, ​​Spain on the 15th (Korean time). Currently, Mallorca is 10th with 22 points and Osasuna is 8th with 24 points.

‘Mallorca Ace’ Lee Kang-in has recently emerged as a hot potato in the transfer market. Reporter Mateo Moreto of Spain’s ‘Lelevo’ said, “There is a 90% chance Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca,” and reported that Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Burnley and Feyenoord want him.

Currently, Mallorca has a contract with Lee Kang-in until the summer of 2025, so it is not an urgent position. However, the buyout clause, which is known to be worth 17 million euros (approximately 22.9 billion won), is a variable. If any team offers only 17 million euros, Mallorca will not be able to stop Lee Kang-in from transferring. 스포츠토토

Nevertheless, manager Aguirre dismissed the rumor of Lee Kang-in’s transfer. At the pre-press conference, when asked about the possibility of Lee Kang-in leaving the team, he said, “I am not worried at all.

Following this, coach Aguirre announced the selection of Lee Kang-in. “Inigo Luis de Galareta and Dani Rodriguez are feeling a little uncomfortable, but they can move to Pamplona and play.

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