The general manager said, “It would be the best if he could be the starting pitcher on his own.” Seo Geon-chang is very satisfied with the KIA infield’s catfish


“It’s the best if you go up to the starting lineup on your own.”

Shim Jae-hak, general manager of KIA Tigers, made the remarks right after recruiting Seo. Of course, Seo Kun-chang is Kim Sun-bin’s backup second baseman, and he also said he would provide backup to the first base. The position of the second baseman, who signed a three-year, three-billion-won contract with the FA, and the fourth FA student who receives 120 million won, cannot be the same.

It is known that the 70 million won option for Seo Geon-chang this season is not easy to achieve. This is a good device that can stimulate Seo Geon-chang’s desire to win. Anyway, it is also true that if you play this season normally, you will be eligible for FA again.

In the end, Shim Jae-hak said that if coach Kim Jong-kook has to use Seo as the starting pitcher, it would be beneficial for the team in terms of enhancing competitiveness, not to mention Seo. For Kia, it would be satisfactory if Seo provided only healthy stimulation to Hwang Dae-in, Byun Woo-hyuk, and Oh Seon-woo, who will compete with Kim Sun-bin as the starting first baseman. He thus had skills that he had never experienced before, and he has been in a long-term recession for the past two to three years. It has been known that individual training sessions in Gwangju will be very intense this winter, but whether he will make a comeback or not can only be determined by opening the lid.

Anyway, Kia is expected to make good use of Seo this season. Objectively, the team lacks infield backup compared to outfielders, and the gap in hitting is rather wide. As long as Seo recovers, it is worth looking forward to seeing Ryu Ji-hyuk (Samsung Lions) as the main backup.

In addition, the KIA infield in the 2023 season had many large and small injuries. Kim Do-young rehabilitated for a considerable period of the first half of the season due to a fractured metatarsal bone. Kim Sun-bin played the season with pressure on his ankle, and Park Chan-ho injured his finger while doing headfirst sliding on the first base at the end of the season. These things should never be repeated, but recruiting Seo Geon-chang is meaningful to prepare for the worst. 월카지노

In fact, it is unclear whether Kim Do-young will play normally in the opening game. Hwang Dae-in, who underwent off-season elbow bone removal surgery, should also check his condition at the beginning of the season. If Kim Do-young has to filter out the beginning of the season, Byun Woo-hyuk could go to third base, and Seo Geon-chang could play nine innings as first baseman. If the injured come out again, Seo Geon-chang could have to diligently play second base, first base and designated hitter.

On the one hand, Seo Kun-chang is also drawing attention to the possibility of becoming a pillar of young infield backups such as Kim Kyu-sung and Park Min. As infield backups were not abundant compared to outfielders, tension was low. Seo can be a good stimulus to infield backups as well. You can find it in Canberra.

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