YSKM, the top-line divinity “LCK, I will cut it down”


the ‘real military force’ who has emerged as a god in China’s top line, delivered an interview full of ambition.

On the 22nd, ‘PentaQ’, an LPL professional media active through Weibo, a Chinese SNS, released an interview with ‘YSKM’ Cha Yu Shi Tak.

Each and every word of YSKM in the interview showed the ‘spirit of a rookie’ itself. When asked how they felt about winning, YSKM said, “I’m really happy to have defeated the wall I couldn’t overcome for two years, the Royal Never Give Up (RNG).”

In particular, the part that drew attention in the match was the ‘2 sets of consecutive solo kills’.

Against ‘Breed’ Cheon-chun, who has a reputation for solid lane play in the LPL, YSKM finished the rankings with two solo kills.

Regarding this, he expressed his confidence, saying, “It’s a composition I already know well. The calculations have already been completed in my head.” It can be seen as a familiar composition that all pros have already practiced dozens of times, but it was a word that showed his confidence.

YSKM, who explained iG’s next move by saying, “There is no overtime,” said, “I’m really looking forward to the confrontation with 369 and TheShy in the LPL.” In 메이저사이트

particular, Chinese fans listened to the following words. He said, “I want to challenge the LCK. In particular, I want to compete with the LCK on the international stage (打LCK的). I will cut them down (杀他们),” he said in an interview with a rather strong tone.

The translation corresponds to ‘mild taste’, and the word 打 (da, hit) means ‘to hit (hit), and the word 杀 (sha, kill) was a part that could be interpreted literally.

However, most of the fans were surprised to see the first sentence selected as the title by the local media. It was because they understood it to imply that they were advancing into the LCK. In particular, as the background of his nationality (Hong Kong) was added, such doubts were further amplified.

One fan sneered, “Hahaha, they said they cut down the LCK. Have you forgotten that your teammates are also from the LCK?”, “The LCK doesn’t use mercenaries?” (It expresses the dream of democracy) and expressed doubts.

What the actual nuance was like is something only the parties know. In addition, there are cases in which distortions occur in the process of writing interviews. In conclusion, his confident interview attracted more viewers’ attention.

Whether he will become a vanguard in the fight against the LCK, or whether he will truly be a boy with aspirations for the ‘1st Division’, will be revealed in his future LPL moves.

The full Chinese interview can be found on PentaQ’s official Weibo.

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