Kim Jae-yoon, who finished FA this year, “It’s an important season, keep your mindset.”


KT finishing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon kept the back door firmly and exceeded 150 personal saves.

Kim Jae-yoon climbed the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with a 4-3 lead against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 12th and kept the victory by one point. It was a sweaty save that I couldn’t let go of the string of tension until the last out count went up. Leading batter Joo Seong-won got a hit, and follow-up hitter Kim Jun-wan was sent out due to a mistake by first baseman Park Byung-ho.

Kim Jae-yoon,토토사이트 who was driven to 1st and 2nd base safely because Park Byung-ho couldn’t handle Kim Jun-wan’s bunt, calmly escaped the crisis. After sensibly catching Kim Hye-sung’s line drive hit, he threw it to first base and even put the runner out. Kim Jun-wan, who was running from 1st to 2nd base, quickly returned to base after judging the situation, but Kim Jae-yoon’s throw was faster.

In the continued 2nd and 2nd base, Lee Jeong-hoo was sent out with an automatic intentional 4th pitch. He chose to play right-handed batters instead of left-handed batters, and threw a ball that hit Lim Ji-yeol. Faced with the bases loaded crisis again, he ended the game with difficulty by treating the follow-up hitter Kim Woong-bin with a bum hit.

Kim Jae-yoon said, “He was in very good condition, but he gave up hits from the first batter, so (fans) must have been anxious. He looked back and said, “The course was bad.” Regarding the scene where he caught Kim Hye-sung’s assault ball, he explained, “I was caught because a similar ball had come toward me once before.”

I felt sorry for not being able to get a ball that fit my body. He confessed, “I don’t hit the batter well, but when I tried to throw the splitter instantly and accurately, it seemed that the ball was missing.”

Kim Jae-yoon reached the 150 save mark for the 9th time in the KBO League history in the match against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 11th. If you add up to this day, you have 151 saves. Kim Jae-yoon said, “I feel really good. I have endured well so far, and I feel that I have done well, so I am proud of myself.” He then smiled and promised, “I think I will lose the record soon because there are players who are very good at it, but I will try to make as many saves as possible before then.”

After joining KT in 2015, he changed his position from catcher to pitcher. He recorded double-digit saves almost every season with his heavy fastball as a weapon. He played in 30 games this year, and he is showing off a sense of stability with 3 wins, 2 losses, 14 saves, and an earned run average of 1.60.

Kim Jae-yoon said, “At the time of his joining, I couldn’t imagine being a pitcher. After changing his position, he thought it was a challenge and worked hard.” Regarding the secret to his good form this season, he said, “I paid attention to body care to avoid getting sick as much as possible. As it is an important season for him, he has a different mindset himself,” he explained. Receiving qualification as a free agent (FA) after this season, he promised, “I will prepare well so that I can play in a more stable and better condition in the second half by resting well and preparing well.”

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