‘4th place’ Seol Ki-hyun “I will do my best to achieve the promotion that the fans want”


Gyeongnam FC head coach Seol Ki-hyun was looking for more.

Gyeongnam drew 1-1 with Gimcheon Commerce in the 38th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Changwon Football Center at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11. With the one point, Gyeongnam moved up to fourth place, ahead of Bucheon FC.

Against second-place Gimcheon, Gyeongnam struggled in the early stages of the match. They could have conceded an early goal if it wasn’t for Go Dong-min’s saves. Gyeongnam held on, but eventually conceded a goal to Lee Young-joon in the ninth minute of the second half. Undeterred, Gyeongnam started to pick up the pace midway through the second half. In the 39th minute of the second half, Park Min-seo scored a brilliant goal to secure a valuable point.

After the game, coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “I thought the opponent was good against Gimcheon. Even though we conceded a goal, the players did their best to get a point, which is really valuable. Thank you to the players.”

On Gimcheon’s performance, he said, “The level of each player was high. We came out strong in the first half and created chances, and I think we deserved to compete with Busan IPark. If we had conceded early on, we would have had a difficult game,” he said, showing respect for Gimcheon.

Gyeongnam also had its moments to take the lead. However, just like in the last game, we were a little disappointed with our finishing. Poor goalkeeping can be fatal when you’re trying to get promoted. Coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “We did well to score one goal against Gimcheon. When you have multiple chances, a strong team like Gimcheon should take them when they come. When you score from a set piece, you can break a team like that. If you don’t, it’s not easy to win. We can try to improve it through training, but I don’t think we can blame the players for finishing chances. You have to work on it individually and as a team to score more goals. As a coach, I have to prepare the process of scoring goals,” he said, explaining his role. 무지개토토 도메인

‘Defender’ Lee Jun-jae, who played in the unfamiliar position of striker, had an uneventful game. “It must have been difficult for him because it’s not his usual position,” he said. For a wing-back, Lee Jun-jae has a good breakthrough ability. It’s just that he doesn’t get many one-on-one situations. Gimcheon played a zone defense, which didn’t work out the way we wanted, but they did a good job. We have players who are good at aerial balls like Gleason and Choi, but when the opponent is pressing and playing man-to-man defense, they need to play in space. He will be a good option.”

Despite the cold weather, more than 7,000 fans cheered for Gyeongnam. Coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “The players were energized by the passionate cheers. It is the duty of the players and the manager to score a lot of goals and make them come more often. It’s unfortunate, but the people of the island want promotion, so we will do our best.” As for Mo Jae-hyun’s injury, he added, “I hope it’s not a big injury.”

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