“Looking like Yoo Sang-chul” Hexagonal MF Jung Ma-ho, A’s top prospect to be selected as CEO ‘Sudden Rise’… Han Joon-hee also praised him for his “performance beyond his age.”


Chungcheongnam-do Asan rookie midfielder Jung Ma-ho (19) is showing off his amazing skills in his first year as a professional.
Han Joon-hee, Hyun Young-min, and Kim Ho-young recently introduced promising players who have not yet been selected for the A-team through the K-League’s official YouTube channel “Jiphyeonjeon Soccer Scholars.” The committee members picked Jung Ma-ho, Park Seung-ho (Incheon), and Yang Min-hyuk (Gangwon) as the best prospects in the K-League. “They are showing tremendous performance regardless of age in their teams these days,” Han Jun-hee said.

Jung Ma-ho, who wore a Chungnam Asan uniform in December last year, is attracting fans’ attention with his amazing play, which is not like a rookie, although he is a freshman in his first year as a professional.

As far as Hyun Young-min saw Jung Ma-ho, he has many advantages, including defensive gambling, amount of activities, location selection, multiplayer, soccer intelligence, and shooting. He boasts of his hexagonal ability. “Jung Ma-ho is very good at defense, and he runs 12-13 kilometers on average on average,” he said. “Based on his high level of activities, he has demonstrated his presence throughout the ground.” “In fact, the most difficult thing to do when a player moves from an amateur to a professional player is to select a location where the defense can play. However, Jung Ma-ho is said to be adjusting the location selection with his coaching staff after the game.”

Commissioner Hyun Young-min praised him. “Jung Ma-ho is multiplayer and versatile. In addition, he has excellent soccer intelligence and boasts cutting play and active defense in the midfielder area. After the defense, he moves to attack correctly in a transition situation. When there is some space, he also takes good penetration movement,” he said.

“Jung Ma-ho’s outstanding ability is shooting.” He has three goals this season, and he has scored with his right foot, left foot and header. He scored his K-League debut goal with a sensational left foot non-stop shot in the opening match against Suwon Samsung, and scored with a fantastic right foot mid-range shot in the third round against Gyeongnam. He then scored his third goal of this season with a sharp header in the eighth round against Jeonnam.
“I’ve been scoring three goals this season, and I’ve scored with my right and left headers,” Commissioner Hyun Young-min said. “He is also very good at shooting medium-range shots, so he shoots sharp around the box. He also scored many goals with medium-range shots when he was in middle and high school.”

Kim Ho-young also commented that Jung is qualified to be the next Ki Sung-yueng and Yoo Sang-cheol. “Jung has good ability to participate in offense after defense,” he said. “His physical conditions, such as his height close to 190 centimeters, are also good.” “His potential is high enough to be compared to Ki Sung-yong,” he added. “He has both shooting and defense capabilities. I am looking forward to him as he has the quality to grow just like Ki.”

Jung won the Star Award at the 2023 Futures Star Awards held by this magazine in November last year. At the time, Jung said, “I will become a professional player next year and improve myself. My goal is to silently pass and coordinate games to become a necessary player for my team as I am not an exceptionally fancy player.” 먹튀검증

His team, Chungcheongnam-do Asan, is also enjoying the “Jung Ma-ho effect.” A source at Chungcheongnam-do Asan told Star News, “Jung Ma-ho is a talented and potential player. He is playing more than his role both on and off the field. He is a young player, but he also fits well with senior players,” expressing satisfaction.

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