To the young blood in Daegu, who was checked by the opponent, he was a “solid brother.”In the end, “Fear”, “Sesjingya” is “Sesjingya”


After all, Cesinha (35, Daegu FC) is Cesinha.

Cesinha has been a key striker for Daegu for many years. He has been leading the team since joining the Daegu team in the 2016 season. His explosive dribble breakthrough using instantaneous speed and high decision-making power are the reasons that enabled him to survive in the K-League.

Still, he was born in 1989 and is in his mid-30s. Some say the aging curve. In addition, constant injuries have hampered his performance. Cesinha was out for most of the second half of the season due to rib injury, and failed to play in perfect physical condition starting from the opening game again this season. Then, he left the match against FC Seoul (0-0 draw) on July 7 due to hamstring injury.

Meanwhile, Daegu was struggling with a slump, and his coach changed as well. Cesinha returned after a break in about a month, and is displaying his true value. He gave two assists in the match against Gwangju FC (3-2 win), laying the foundation for his team to win. Cesinha joined the 60-60 (goal)-60 (help) club. He has 89 assists and 61 assists in both K-League 1 and 2.

With Cesinha joining the team, Daegu beat FC Seoul (2-1 win) in the 13th round to secure its first consecutive win of this season. Indeed, when Cesinha dribbles, it is a threat. With Cesinha’s joining, Daegu’s offense also seems to gain momentum. Moreover, Cesinha’s presence is helpful to young bloods.

As Cesinha is a key striker, he has no choice but to be held in check by his opponents. As a result, there will be more space when Cesinha dribbles and breaks through. “Young blood” Park Yong-hee, Jeong Jae-sang and Park Jae-hyun will fill the spot. All of them made their debut goals this season.

It is growing well by accumulating experience through increased participation opportunities. For them, the existence of Cesinha is also a considerable help. It is a reliable type and support group. If Cesinha and young blood create synergy, it becomes even scarier. 토토사이트

Daegu has been on an upward curve since coach Park Chang-hyun took office after suffering ups and downs. After he took office, he has been playing more aggressive soccer as he said, “I will play ten more rounds, not one shot.” Despite concerns about his age and injury, Cesinha, who is at the center of Daegu’s offense, is still key.

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