‘Debs Worry’ Woori Bank… Will Change Power?


“It was a definite income.”
Asan Woori Bank rookie center Byun Ha-jung (19, 180cm) showed competitiveness on the first team stage.

Byun started a home game against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in the fifth round of the regular season of the “Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball Association” held at Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium in Asan on Saturday. It was her second start of the season. Prior to the game, Woori Bank coach Wi Sung-woo said, “I personally believe that playing for a short period of time after a match is decided does not help young players develop. (Byeon) Ha-jeong has worked hard so far and has shown good defense and rebound. I want to take this opportunity to make sure she is competitive.”

The coaching staff of Woori Bank gave chances to check the possibility of a new card called Byun Ha-jeong, with key players in charge of ball and water both inside and outside of the bank leaving due to injury. Byun played a total of 42 minutes and 35 seconds including overtime. Thanks to the team’s successful fulfillment of what it wanted, he became the second-longest Woori players to endure on the court.

Byun recorded eight points, nine rebounds, and two steals. Scoring, rebounding, and steals were all the most by a player in a single game since his professional debut. He attempted 10 field goals and made three. He also scored his first three-point shot as a pro player. Although his field goal success rate was regrettable, he did not hesitate to take a shot in chances. He was not lagging behind Samsung Life Insurance players in defense and rebounding. Although he lost in a close game in overtime, Byun proved that he can compete with first-team players. 헤라카지노

After the game, Coach Wi said, “Ha-jeong played 120 percent of the role. It’s better than the coaching staff thought. That’s why I played 42 minutes. Without Byun, it was not easy to prevent Samsung Life. There is income in that area.” “There was no feeling that there was a hole in the position when Ha-jeong was playing. She also scored under the basket at an important moment. She played a good role unlike a 19-year-old player,” Wi added.

Woori Bank’s depth is not good this season, either. There have been a series of injuries since the opening of the season, and there are not enough backups. Although the available resources have increased compared to the previous one, there are not many players who can fight high. Therefore, Byun Ha-jung’s performance on this day is meaningful. Woori Bank has gained hope that it can strengthen its power in the future with the hard work of rookies.

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