Kim Nak-hyun, who cut off Samsung’s trend of ‘4Q 12 points,’ said, “This is not the end.”


Korea Gas Corporation’s Kim Nak-hyun (28, 184 cm) led the team to a come-from-behind victory by scoring a three-point shot in the fourth quarter.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation won 85-79 against Seoul Samsung in the fifth round of the 2023-2024 professional basketball match held at Daegu Gymnasium on Tuesday. With the victory, KGC has won nine consecutive home games and seven consecutive home games.

Korea Gas Corporation, which was once 11 points behind Samsung, turned the tables with Kim Nak-hyun’s performance in the fourth quarter. Kim Nak-hyun scored 12 of the 18 points (five three-pointers and three rebounds) in the fourth quarter. What’s more, they were chasing, reversing and running away.

After the game, Kim Nak-hyun said, “I had a difficult game because I lost my rebounds in the beginning. When I meet Samsung, I always play like this. We couldn’t concentrate on what we could easily win. I will prepare better so that I don’t see such a part from the next game.”

Kim Nak-hyeon made a 3-pointer by penetrating Samsung’s defense in the fourth quarter. Kim Nak-hyeon’s 3-pointer enabled KGC to turn the tables on Samsung.

Kim Nak-hyeon said, “After catching the ball, I knew that I had four seconds left. Slowly, I was going to play one-on-one, but I threw it with confidence. I felt like I was going in when I threw the ball, so I felt like I was done,” he recalled.

Kim Nak-hyeon, who was discharged from military service at Sangmu in November last year, had a bad knee. As a result, he was able to play even without me. As players who were not able to play in the game played in the team, he became active and had higher energy. That is why his performance seems to have improved,” he said. “I thought I returned too early because my team’s performance was good (laughs),” looking back on the latter half of the fourth round when he was absent from the game.

“I still have pain in my knees,” Kim said. “But the coach did a good job of allocating the time to play, so I’m playing without getting any worse.”

Kang Hyuk, acting coach of the Korea Gas Corporation, recently played Sam Josef Belangel and Kim Nak-hyun together to show a two-guard shaking play.

Kim Nak-hyun said of his chemistry with Belangel, “I like the two a lot more than alone. There is a timing for me to take a tempo break, which reduces the physical burden and creates a lot of synergy in the offensive part. There is nothing that Belangel can’t do,” he said. “However, the height of the defense decreases when playing together. They are both small, so the center needs to help with rebounds and other areas, but that part is not enough.” 마카오토토도메인

With the victory, KGC recorded its first seven consecutive home wins since its foundation. “This is not the end,” Kim Nak-hyun said. “The next game is against Hyundai Mobis, so the story is big. We need to continue our home winning streak for the first time. I will continue my home winning streak.”

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