“Wow, Hanwha has changed” Spectator Income KRW 9.47 billion, the largest ever… 1 billion won added to the uniform sponsorship contract in 9 years, and the club’s YouTube is a big hit


It’s been just nine years.

Hanwha Eagles’ uniform will have its sponsor logo on it. Spider, a sports brand, and held a signing ceremony to sponsor official supplies in 2024 at Hanwha Galleria Time World in Daejeon on the 18th. Park Chan-hyuk, Hanwha’s CEO, and Kim Ji-hwan, Spider’s CEO, were present together. “Spider” supplies the Hanwha team with essential clothing such as uniforms.

Hanwha said it plans to collaborate in various fields such as “Spider” and fashion and clothing. A “Spider” store will be opened at Hanwha Life Eagles Park, its home stadium. It sells Hanwha-related products and operates online malls in offline stores of “Spider” in Daejeon and Chungcheong provinces.

“We will take the lead in changing the structure of the sports industry through partnerships with companies in various fields from now on. We will reinvest the profits earned from improving the team’s sales in strengthening its power and expanding its infrastructure. We are trying to establish a virtuous cycle in the sports industry,” a Hanwha official said.

I’m getting ready to hit the floor and take off.

Hanwha, which scored goals for three consecutive years between 2020 and 2022, finished the season ninth last year. It was a successful escape from last year’s game. Despite a flurry of unfavorable factors in the beginning of the season, the team showed glimmers of hope by winning eight consecutive games.

The team has strengthened its power based on a completely different stance from before. It recruited free agent outfielders Chae Eun-seong and Lee Tae-yang at the end of 2022. This year, it recruited FA infielder Ahn Chi-hong. It has displayed commitment to invest if necessary. It takes a different path than before, when it was passive in the name of rebuilding.

Although grades are important, it is urgent to create a self-reliant structure. Despite the slump in the advertising market last year, Hanwha has grown profits in various fields, including ticket revenue.

“We made 9.47 billion won (approximately 9.47 billion won) in admission income last year. It is up 550 million won from 2018 when we made the playoffs,” a Hanwha official said. “We are about to earn 10 billion won (approx.

Hanwha succeeded in monetizing digital marketing for the first and only time in the KBO league. The club YouTube, which started belatedly, surpassed 100 million views for the third time in the KBO league. It even earned 500 million won in additional income by linking various PPLs and NFT mascot memberships.

A club official said, “The team’s sales increased by about 6.2 billion won compared to 2022. Even though we compensated for FA salaries, we had more than 3 billion won in excess income.” 마카오토토도메인

With the winning of a uniform sponsorship contract this time, it will be able to see an additional 1 billion won in annual revenue. The proportion of income to the parent company’s subsidy rose to 70% last year, which is likely to be higher this year.

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