If you catch Jordan, it’s a match between Korea and Japan that will be destined for the round of 16… Because of the different rules of the Asian Cup and the World Cup


It is increasingly likely that the match between Korea and Japan will take place in the round of 16, not in the Asian Cup final.

Japan (ranked 17th in FIFA) lost 1-2 in its second Group D match against Iraq (ranked 63rd in FIFA) in 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held at Education City Stadium in Al-Rayan, Qatar, at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday (Korea time). Japan has become No. 2 in the group, and Iraq has become No. 1 in the group.

The Asian Cup uses different rules in calculating the group ranking from the FIFA World Cup. In the case of the World Cup, the criteria for dividing the group ranking are developed in the order of points, goal difference, multiple points, and winner.

However, in the Asian Cup, the winning rule applies immediately after the winning point. Even if the team has good goal difference and scores a lot of goals, the winning rule comes first. For example, even if A and B have the same points, if A have a history of losing against B in the group stage, B is ranked higher than A, no matter how good the team has scored goals or scored multiple goals.

According to the winner-win rule, Japan can no longer overcome Iraq. Japan has six points ahead of the third match against Indonesia. Currently, Iraq has six points. Japan cannot surpass Iraq in terms of points. In other words, even if Japan beats Indonesia 100-0 and Iraq loses 0-100 to Vietnam, Iraq will rank No. 1 in the group.

Of course, this premise is possible for Japan to beat Indonesia and Iraq to lose to Vietnam. If Japan loses to Indonesia, falls to third place in the group, and its performance is poor compared to third place in other groups, it may not be able to secure a ticket to the round of 16.

However, cool-headed comparison of the two countries’ capacities does not compare Japan and Indonesia. Japan, which already suffered a shocking defeat in the second round, is unlikely to be hit by Indonesia in the third round. If Japan also falls to third place, it will likely lose the group stage, so it will try to catch up at least the third round. Unless something extraordinary happens in the third round, Japan will be in second place.

Due to the principle of winning the match, if Korea also catches Jordan, it is highly likely to rank No. 1 in the group. Currently, Korea is ranking second in the group, but if it wins against Jordan, it will have six points. Naturally, Korea will be confirmed to advance to the round of 16. Even if Korea loses to Malaysia in the last group match and Jordan catches Bahrain in the third match, Korea will be ranked higher than Bahrain. Only if Malaysia does not perform the miracle of catching Bahrain in the second match and defeating Korea in the third match, Korea will be highly likely to rank No. 1 in the group. 헤라카지노

If Korea ranks first in Group E and Japan ranks second in Group D, the round of 16 match between Korea and Japan will take place. In the doomed match between Korea and Japan, Korea recently showed weakness against Japan. Although it was not a complete group, I remember losing 0-3 at the national team level when Paulo Bento was coach.

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