SF Hicks gets bonus every 10 innings if he surpasses 100 innings


Jordan Hicks, who joins the San Francisco Giants in the Major League Baseball (MLB) with Lee Jung-hoo and turns into a starting pitcher, has signed a detailed contract to win a large amount of money depending on the innings of pitching.

The San Francisco club officially announced on the 19th (Korea Standard Time) that it has signed a four-year contract with Hicks.

The details of the contract were also disclosed. Hicks will receive a down payment of 2 million dollars and collect 6 million dollars in annual salary for the 2024 season and 12 million dollars in annual salary for the 2025-207 season. Hicks will also donate 40,000 dollars for the 2024 season and 60,000 dollars for the 2025-2027 season to the San Francisco Regional Fund.

Hicks, who entered the Major League in 2018, is a bullpen pitcher who has pitched in 204 relief out of 212 games, and San Francisco plans to use him as a starting pitcher.

Hicks is also greedy to be a starting pitcher. Although he played eight starts with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2022 and was sluggish with four losses and a 5.47 ERA without a win, he is dreaming of success as a starting pitcher in San Francisco.

San Francisco pays up to $2 million in bonuses each year depending on pitching innings to motivate Hicks.

According to the Associated Press, Hicks earns a bonus every 10 innings from 100 to 200 innings. He will receive 83,333 dollars for 100, 110, 120, and 130 innings, respectively, and 166,667 dollars for 140, 150, 160 and 170 innings. He will receive 333,333 dollars for 180 and 190 innings, respectively, and 333,334 dollars for 200 innings.

If Hicks meets all of this option during the contract period, his contract will increase to $52 million (about 69.5 billion won). 라바카지노도메인

Hicks’ most innings in a single season are 77 ⅔ he recorded in 2018. He pitched 65 ⅔ last year when he had a career-high season with a 3.29 ERA, 3-9 losses, 12 saves and 13 holds.

Hicks, who is wearing a San Francisco uniform, said, “I have not been given a chance to be a full starting pitcher in the big league. A starting pitcher is the role I want to play the most.”

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