“A four-year, 580 billion-year contract renewal is imminent.” Mbappe, ‘With Lee Kang-in!!’ PSG recruits Antony every year


The possibility of Kylian Mbappe (PSG) remaining in PSG has increased.

“PSG will offer an annual salary of 100 million euros (144.3 billion won) to catch Kylian Mbappe,” RMC Sports said on Wednesday (Korea time). “No team can match this contract. It is a mega deal worth 400 million euros (580 billion won) for four years.”

Now, Mbappe is making a total of W145 billion, including advertising and additional income, and now… PSG is preparing to offer him W145 billion a year.

Foot Mercato drew keen attention by saying, “Mbappe has reached a personal agreement with Real Madrid in recent days,” adding, “I have decided to join Real Madrid from next season.”

Mbappe’s contract with PSG will end in June. Players who remain under six months from the expiration of their contract can freely negotiate with other clubs under the “Bosman Rules” rule.

The contract between Mbappe and PSG will end in June. Players who remain under six months from the expiration of their contract can freely negotiate with other clubs under the “Bosman Rule.”

Of course, the main character of the proposal was Real Madrid. Real Madrid sent a love call to Mbappe again.

The specific amount of money Real Madrid offered Mbappe was also revealed. Like in 2022, Real Madrid decided to pay Mbappe a signing bonus of 130 million euros, which could have been received with just signing the contract for an annual salary of 26 million euros (37.5 billion won).

RMC Sports said, “Mbappe has not yet agreed on his future,” and rumors of Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid have been silenced.

Until now, Real Madrid desperately wanted Mbappe. There were several times when signing autographs was imminent. However, Mbappe’s choice was not Real but Remain.

Real Madrid had to blush several times because of Mbappe. Relatively, there are not many options for Mbappe. It is likely to be either staying at PSG or moving to Real.

The names of Premier League clubs including Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are emerging, but it is not easy to break the financial fair play (FFP) rules. Ramari, a mother who is known to have a big influence on Mbappe under this circumstance, said her son’s future is undecided.

“Mbappe can transfer to another team under free agency,” RMC Sports said. Mbappe was originally set to receive 180 million euros (2592.5 billion won) in royalties if he stays there, but he gave it up when he became a free agent. “I don’t receive 80 million euros (115.2 billion won) in royalties,” RMC Sports explained.

Against this backdrop, PSG Chairman Naser al-Khelaifi believes Mbappe can stay. Appearing on RMC Sports, he said, “Mbappe wants to stay at PSG. He is the best player in the world and the best club for him is PSG,” adding, “He is the center of our project.”

“We made mistakes and this is normal. Now we are a young team with French players and we are not in a hurry. This is a long-term thing,” he said. “We built a solid team on a technical level and the game system has changed. We play as a team and defend. It is a great thing.”

Mbappe is considered one of PSG’s key players. Since leaving AS Monaco in 2018 and entering PSG, he has scored 212 goals in 260 games to put PSG in the strong squad.

He has displayed consistent performance for the past five years. Including his 39 goals scored in his first season, he consistently scored more than 30 goals in each season, taking up a significant portion of PSG’s offense.

While PSG is struggling to renew its contract with Mbappe, Saudi Arabia’s love call with “oil money” also arrived.

Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal proposed a transfer fee of 300 million euros (423.8 billion won) to PSG. Al Hilal also proposed 776 million dollars (994 billion won) to Mbappe. It proposed 1 trillion won.

Of course, Mbappe has rejected Saudi Arabia’s offer. As a result, the future course of action is getting more complicated.

Former PSG coach Luis Fernandez said in an interview with Bein Sports, “I signed a friend that Mbappe wanted to have next to me,” adding, “I think he will remain at PSG.” 월카지노주소

In particular, Mbappe’s mother said she was willing to stay as long as she had a huge salary offer. At the time, he stressed, “If I give my son an annual salary of 100 million euros, he can go anywhere, so his future comes first.”

The 100 million euros is the transfer fee paid by Manchester United to buy Antony. At the time, it was pointed out as a shocking deal, but it became more popular as the player was sluggish. In the end, PSG recruits Antony every year to catch Mbappe once again.

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