“A lot of talk, a lot of trouble”… The winner was An Chi-hong


The winner is An Chi-hong, and the loser is Kim Min-sik.

The FA market has closed. Hong Gun-hee, who remained as an uncontracted player until the end, signed a contract with Doosan Bears for a total of 2.45 billion won for 2+2 years on the 25th, and all FA applicants will sign new contracts as Kim Min-sung and Soju agreed with Lotte Giants and LG Twins on the 26th, respectively. Kim Min-sung kissed LG, his original team, for a total of 900 million won for 2+1 years, and then went to Lotte in a sign-and-trade. After a long tug-of-war, Soju finally confirmed his stay at KT for up to 1.6 billion won for 2+2 years.

It was the FA market where there was a lot of talk and a lot of trouble. After the creation of the non-FA multi-year contract system, big players signed multi-year contracts early, so it was not a frenzy. Yang Seok-hwan, a slugger who can score more than 20 home runs with the biggest fish, was selected, and as expected, he signed a contract with the Doosan Bears for a total of 7.8 billion won, saving his pride as the biggest fish. It is the largest amount in the market this time. (LG signed a 12.4 billion won FA contract with Oh Ji-hwan as a trick, but let’s leave this out of the question.)

As mentioned above, Yang Seok-hwan was recognized as the biggest fish. Therefore, it is questionable whether he will be 100 percent satisfied with the 7.8 billion won condition. The ransom did not rise sharply as other teams did not bite him.

That’s why Ahn Chi-hong can be cited as the top winner in the market this time. Ahn Chi-hong changed his uniform with Hanwha Eagles under extreme conditions of up to 7.2 billion won for 4+2 years. He is clearly a capable player, but he is able to lead a new baseball life for an amount that exceeds expectations, as if to laugh at the assessment that his slugging ability decreases and his defense scope narrows year by year.

Ham Deok-ju is the winner in another sense. When he was with the Doosan Bears in 2018, he recorded 27 saves and went downhill. After moving to LG, he failed to show any significant performance, but he made a comeback by contributing to the Korean Series championship by playing 16 hold despite an elbow injury last season. Although the condition is to include 1.8 billion won in incentives, he achieved a “jackpot” worth 3.8 billion won in four years. However, what’s going on? He got elbow surgery right after signing the contract. There is a high possibility that he will not be able to properly take care of the incentives for the first season, but he still has hundreds of millions of won in annual salary guaranteed. Before signing the contract, he made several hundreds of millions of won 월카지노주소

If I was in a situation where I had to get alcohol, I wouldn’t have received such a large amount.

It is a two-year, 400 million won condition, but Lee Ji-young is the best player in terms of happiness. The original team Kiwoom Heroes had no intention of catching him. After applying for the FA, it almost became “MIA,” but a dramatic sign-and-trade forced him to wear the SSG Landers uniform.

On the contrary, there is a player who went to hell in Heaven due to Lee Ji-young’s joining, so it is Kim Min-sik. Kim Min-sik did not sign the four-year, mid-billion-won contract offered by SSG. SSG, which could not wait until long, brought in Lee Ji-young, and SSG, whose desperation for Kim Min-sik fell, changed its position to up to 500 million won for two years, down from the original conditions. Kim Min-sik, who had nowhere to go, ended up with a big loss and remained at SSG.

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