A total of 40.6 billion won was spent on 41 foreigners. 2 replacements Lotte ranked 2nd in foreign ransom spending. LG ranked 3rd, Hanwha 4th… NC ranked last. The undisputed No. 1 is Samsung 


 During the first half, 11 foreign players were changed. Since there are 30 foreign players in total, the faces of one-third of them have changed.토토사이트

Four clubs, Hanwha Eagles, KIA Tigers, Lotte Giants, and Kiwoom Heroes, have changed two players, so replacement is no longer possible. Three teams, KT Wiz, SSG Landers, and Doosan Bears, changed one person each, and three teams, Samsung Lions, LG Twins, and NC Dinos, are highly likely to have three foreign players playing in the second half without replacement.

As foreign players were replaced, the ranking of the total foreign player ransom also changed.

At the start of the season, the foreign ransom rankings are Samsung ($4.6 million) – LG ($3.9 million) – Lotte ($3.55 million) – Kiwoom ($3.2 million) – KT ($3.14 million) – SSG ($2.775 million) -Hanwha ($2.75 million) -NC ($2.743 million) -KIA ($2.736 million) -Doosan ($2.55 million) in order.

As players were replaced, additional expenditures came out and the rankings changed a lot.

1st place was still the Samsung Lions. The difference was so great that neither team could win. Samsung signed foreign ace David Buchanan for $1.6 million and Albert Suarez for $1.3 million this season, and renewed the contract with Jose Pirelli for $1.7 million. As all three are good players, I had no choice but to spend a lot of money to renew the contract. The total was $4.6 million.

The second place was the LG Twins at the beginning of the season, but now it has changed to the Lotte Giants. LG re-signed a contract with ace Casey Kelly for $1.8 million, which is the number one foreign player ransom this season, and also signed a contract with Adam Plutko for $1.4 million. He signed a contract with new foreign hitter Austin Dean for $700,000 and recorded a total of $3.9 million, ranking second. However, Lotte broke up with Dan Strayley after Jack Rex and recruited two new foreign players, jumping to second place in the total ransom. Lotte dreamed of leaping forward this season by renewing contracts with Charlie Barnes ($1.25 million), Dan Straley ($1 million) and Jack Rex ($1.3 million), who played last year. Unfortunately, Strayley could not play the role of an ace due to his jagged appearance, and Rex could not play properly due to an injury. As their sluggishness affected the team’s performance, they eventually decided to replace them and recruited new batter Nico Goodrum ($400,000) and new pitcher Aaron Wilkerson ($350,000). It started in 3rd place with three players and a total of $3.55 million, but with two more recruits and an additional $750,000 spent, it recorded a total of $4.3 million. There was only a difference of $ 300,000 from Samsung.

The Hanwha Eagles jumped from 7th to 4th. At the beginning of the season, Hanwha re-contracted Felix Pena ($850,000) and newly recruited Birch Smith ($1 million) and Brian O’Grady ($900,000), but Smith was out due to injury and O’Grady was out of slump. By signing Ricardo Sanchez for $400,000 and Nick Williams for $450,000, the foreign ransom rose from $2.75 million to $3.6 million, surpassing Kiwoom Heroes in 4th place and KT Wiz in 5th place to rise to 4th place.

KT parted ways with Bossulser ($740,000) and brought in William Cuevas ($450,000), and the ransom price increased from $3.14 million to $3.59 million, ranking 5th with a difference of $10,000 over Hanwa.

In 6th place was Kiwoom, which recorded $3.47 million, an increase of only $270,000 even after acquiring new pitcher Ian McKinney ($185,000) and new hitter Ronnie Dawson ($85,000). By replacing two people, the company spent an additional $630,000 and came in seventh with $3,366,000. SSG was 6th at first, but even after changing one pitcher, it fell to 8th with $3.315 million, and Doosan, which was 10th with $2.55 million, re-recruited Brandon Waddell ($280,000) and rose to 9th with $2.83 million. stood

NC, which acquired all three new foreign players, including Eric Peddy ($1 million), Tyler Widener ($743,000), and Jason Martin ($1 million), went without replacement and finished in 8th place with a total of $2,743,000. It’s gone.

At the beginning of the season, there were 5 teams whose foreign player ransom value exceeded 3 million dollars, but after the replacement, the number increased to 8 teams. The current total value of foreign players is $32,124,000. It is about 40.636 billion won in Hanwha.

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