All prospective FAs attended… There is no exception to the Kim Taehyung-Lotte meeting ceremony.


FA players are no exception. Everyone is in attendance.

Lotte, which suffered a miserable failure this year and was eliminated from the postseason for six consecutive years, is preparing for next season faster than anyone else, completing the appointment of a new coach just four days after completing the regular season schedule.

On the 20th, Lotte officially announced, “Kim Tae-hyung (56), SBS Sports commentator, has been appointed as the 21st coach.”

Lotte’s original statement that “the goal is to complete the selection of a new coach within October” was not a lie. By completing the appointment of a new coach before the final training in Sangdong, Lotte can further accelerate preparations for next season.

New coach Kim Tae-hyung will hold an inauguration ceremony at the Sapphire Room of Lotte Hotel Busan on the afternoon of the 24th and carry out his first official schedule as Lotte coach. He will join the closing training held at Sangdong Stadium on the 25th and meet with the players.

Without exception, the entire team attends the meeting with coach Kim Tae-hyung. A Lotte official said, “All players from the 1st and 2nd teams will attend, including prospective free agent players.” Lotte has prospective free agent players such as Jeon Jun-woo (37) and Ahn Chi-hong (33) who are scheduled to receive free agency qualifications after this season, but all of them decided to attend the meeting.

Lotte is quickly beginning preparations for next season. Lotte, the team that is most thirsty for the championship, is already attracting great attention to see what kind of results it will produce as it finally brings in a ‘winning contractor’.

The appointment of coach Kim Tae-hyung already shows Lotte’s will to change. Lotte is still unable to achieve ‘V3’ 31 years after winning the Korean Series in 1992. This year, it created a sensation in the beginning, but disappeared like a mirage after June. This was a season in which the shock of being eliminated from the postseason was greater than ever.

Director Kim Tae-hyung boasts the most brilliant career among the coaches appointed by Lotte so far. It is also the first time since coach Baek In-cheon in 2002 that an outside person with championship experience has been appointed.토토사이트

Now, all that remains is for coach Kim Tae-hyung to demonstrate once again the abilities he has shown so far in a new team called Lotte. Coach Kim Tae-hyung is expected to identify the players through his final training and draw up a rough outline for next season in earnest. As he is a master coach who led Doosan to advance to the Korean Series for an unprecedented seven consecutive years while serving as manager from 2015 to 2022, attention is already focused on what kind of magic he will work on Lotte.

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