Assault on women → Withdrawal of prosecution ‘Poongwoonah’ → Man United “out of season”


Mason Griwood, who had a turbulent experience over the past year, eventually failed to return this season. 토토사이트

Manchester United of the English Premier League have decided not to play Greenwood for the rest of the season, The Sun reported on the 14th.

Greenwood was arrested by police at the end of January 2022, a year ago, on charges of assault on a woman. At the time, Manchester police said, “We launched an investigation after recognizing the video and photos posted on social media by the woman who reported the assault.” Arrested following his girlfriend’s revelations, Greenwood was questioned in custody and released on bail.

A reversal happened after a year. Prosecutors indicted Greenwood for sexual assault, but dropped all charges this year. The incident that made the EPL buzz has become ‘nothing happened’.

Manchester United also said, “All charges of sexual assault against Greenwood have been dropped. The prosecution made such an announcement.”

Greenwood also said, “I am grateful to my family and friends who have believed in me. (The charges have been dropped) Now I feel at ease. I will not make any further comments for the time being.”

However, fans and female players of the club strongly opposed his trip. Eventually, Manchester United also banned him from playing all season, citing ongoing investigations.

In other words, media reports say that he will remain suspended until the end of this season. During this period, United are said to be in a position to check Greenwood’s physical and mental health. Training with the team continues to be banned.

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