“At the time of Ichiro, 240,000 people visited, 10km congestion” Japanese camp, ’emergency’ for Otani’s participation


The Japanese national team plans to call four active major leaguers to the Miyazaki camp. However, with the return of veteran Yu Darvish (San Diego) and the spectacle of Shohei Ohtani (Angels) returning in gold, officials from the national team said their concerns increased. I’m worried about how many fans will flock to it.

Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported on the 11th, “Three major leaguers are preparing to join the national team from the training camp in Miyazaki, which starts on the 17th of next month.” With Darvish taking the lead, Ohtani and Seiya Suzuki (Cubs) decided to keep pace. Lars Nutba (St. Louis), a Japanese major leaguer, is also highly likely to join the Miyazaki camp.

Summarizing reports from Nikkan Sports, it seems that Ohtani and Darvish will join from the first day of Miyazaki camp, and Suzuki will join the midway after participating in the Cubs camp. Nutba is also promoting joining the Miyazaki camp to familiarize himself with team play such as autographs. However, Masataka Yoshida, who transferred to Boston, is in his first major league season, so the Miyazaki camp is unclear.

In the meantime, major leaguers were expected to join the national team from the evaluation match in March for their team’s camp. However, head coach Hideki Kuriyama wanted major leaguers to accompany him to the Miyazaki camp for team harmony, and Darvish agreed. Ohtani and Suzuki also decided to follow the decision of the “great senior”.

As active major leaguers decided to participate in the Miyazaki camp, the national team and Miyazaki prefectural officials were busy. Although Corona 19 has not yet ended, the camp is expected to be held in a different atmosphere from the past two years. Fans can also observe.

Nikkan Sports said, “If major leaguers participate, it is certain that it will be a great success. Miyazaki Prefecture is taking measures.” “There was a big congestion on the road connecting the center of Miyazaki City and the stadium, and the police were dispatched from the morning even on weekdays,” he introduced. 스포츠토토

At that time, the traffic jam section was more than 10 km. It is also a part where you can see the heat of baseball in Japan.

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