NC “Lee Myung-gi signing & trade, not just ‘paving the way'”


NC Dinos has organized the course of FA (free agent) Lee Myung-gi (36), who has been dragging on for a long time. How did NC send him?

Lim Seon-nam, general manager of NC, explained the trade in a phone call with Star News on the 14th, saying, “(Lee Myung-gi’s trade) tried to make it helpful to both teams rather than simply ‘giving the road’.”

On this day, NC signed a free agency contract with Lee Myung-ki for up to 100 million won (50 million won in salary, 50 million won in options) for a year, and then made a so-called “sign and trade” with catcher Lee Jae-yong (24) to Hanwha. In return, NC received infielder Cho Hyun-jin (21) and the right to pick in the 7th round of the 2024 rookie draft from Hanwha.

Lee Myeong-gi, who is celebrating his 18th year as a professional this year, is a player who participated in 1019 games, batting average of 0.307, 28 homers, 321 RBIs and 107 stolen bases. He was recognized for his contact ability, producing five career 300 batting seasons. 토토사이트

However, he was suspended for 97 games (72 KBO games + 25 NC games) for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules in 2021, and last year his batting average was only 0.260. To make matters worse, NC was planning to appoint Kim Seong-wook (30), who was discharged from Sangmu, and Han Seok-hyun (29), a futures free agent, as outfield backups. Accordingly, Lee Myung-ki, who applied for free agency, was unable to attend the spring camp because he was in danger of losing his child.

Director Lim explained, “It took time during the trade process. We talked about more than two weeks,” and explained, “A lot of time passed during the negotiation process, sometimes being cut off in the middle.” NC, which met the conditions in this process, made a recent decision.

Cho Han-jin, who was transferred to NC this time, is a local player from Aracho (Haman Little) – Changwon Shinwol Middle School – Masan High School. He played in 89 Futures League games last year, posting a batting average of 0.300 (66 hits in 220 at-bats), 25 RBIs and 6 stolen bases.

Director Lim, who asked Hanwha first for Cho Han-jin, said, “It is not an important reason (he is from a related area), but it can be said that he is a player we have seen a little more.” Director Lim also said through the club, “I noticed his good growth, such as his good baseball sense and a 30% batting average in the Futures League last year.”

Regarding Lee Jae-yong, a catcher resource with first-team experience last year, general manager Lim said, “Hanwha proposed this player in anticipation of reinforcing the catcher.” He continued, “Park Se-hyeok or An Jung-yeol came, and there is the existing Park Dae-do. Also, after the first half, Kim Hyung-joon will return,” he said.

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