Ceremony with ‘Bunggeoppang Son’, Oh Ji-bae → Shortstop GG → Championship captain ‘Tears of winning the regular league


 LG Oh Ji-hwan took first place in the regular season for the first time since his professional debut in 2009. After winning the regular season championship of his dreams, he made unforgettable memories with LG fans by taking his son, who resembles a bungeoppang, on a wooden horse.

Oh Ji-hwan has been given many opportunities since his rookie year, but he has not been able to escape the stigma of being the king of mistakes. He was called ‘Oh Domination’, meaning he was a player who dominated the game by making many mistakes, especially in critical situations. Of course, there are times when he dominates the game because he plays well, but more often than not, he ruins the game by making mistakes at crucial moments, so ‘Oh Dominion’ was a nickname that mocked Oh Ji-hwan with a negative connotation.

But now it’s different. He is beyond being an irreplaceable player and is the best shortstop in the league. Last year, he won the Golden Glove Award at shortstop, joining the 20-home run, 20-stealing club that is a hallmark of the Hottas. And this season, he is the captain who led LG to the regular season championship for the first time in 29 years.

On the 6th, LG held a regular season victory ceremony in front of the home fans after finishing the home game against KIA in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. All players and team officials said, ‘Towards victory, one Twins! A result achieved by becoming one with the fans!’ They unfurled a banner that read ‘LG Twins 2023 KBO League Regular Season Winner’ and enjoyed the joy of winning the regular season for the first time in 29 years with the fans.

The fans who filled Jamsil Stadium sang Captain Oh Ji-hwan’s cheering song and chanted his name, and Oh Ji-hwan linked arms with Austin and sang his own cheering song together. At this time, Oh Ji-hwan’s son ran onto the field and was held in his father’s arms, and Oh Ji-hwan rode his bungeoppang son on a wooden horse and enjoyed the joy of winning together.토토사이트

Also, ‘winning captain’ Oh Ji-hwan shed hot tears as he spoke about winning the regular season to LG fans on this day. Oh Ji-hwan, who joined in 2009, has been wearing the striped uniform for the longest time among LG players. After a long dark period, he finally rose to the top of the leaderboard this season. Oh Ji-hwan’s tears were tears of gratitude and apology for the fans who always supported him passionately even during the long wait of 29 years. Oh Ji-hwan, who was in tears, gathered his emotions and expressed his gratitude to his fans.

Meanwhile, this is the third time LG has taken first place in the regular season, following 1990 and 1994. LG achieved a combined championship by taking the top spot in the Korean Series in both seasons in which it won the regular season championship. This season, as they won the regular season championship, they are aiming for a combined championship.

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