Changeable’ 2nd line “No matter who leaves, it’s my job”… Hwang Sun-Hong-ho’s ‘endless competition’, why Lee Kang-in is ‘no exception


Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) is no exception.

The greatest strength of the Asian Games men’s soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong lies in its second line. First of all, it is ‘changing’. Coach Hwang basically uses a 4-2-3-1 formation. Three resources were deployed to the second line, and the combinations were different in all five games from the group stage to the quarterfinals.

This shows that the depth of second-line resources is thick. On the other hand, dealing with Hwang Seon-hong is bound to be difficult. Coach Hwang appointed Eom Won-sang, Ko Young-jun, and Ahn Jae-jun as starters in the first match of the group stage. The second match (Eom Won-sang~Go Young-jun~Jung Woo-young) and the third match (Jung Woo-young~Lee Kang-in~Ahn Jae-jun) were also different. The same goes for the round of 16 (Jung Woo-young~Lee Kang-in~Eom Won-sang) and the quarterfinals (Song Min-gyu~Go Young-jun~Ahn Jae-jun).

In other words, the second-line resources were assembled in various combinations. Moreover, in the quarterfinals, a change was made to change three second-line resources at the same time in the 18th minute of the second half. We had different strategies for the first half and the second half, and had a lot of fun with the customized lineup for China. Even Song Min-gyu, who was unable to show his skills due to a muscle injury in the China match, found himself.

This is quite a positive factor. Moreover, in the quarterfinals, Lee Kang-in, who had improved his physical condition by appearing as a substitute in the third group match and the round of 16, was excluded from the selection. Nevertheless, the national team showed off its heightened firepower by scoring two goals in the first half alone.레고토토

Coach Hwang said, “The attackers are in good condition. No matter who steps up, they do their part. Press from the front and pour energy into the attack. Attackers need energy. It doesn’t matter who is the starter. He expressed satisfaction, saying, “I think positively about (the strikers) maintaining good condition.” Song Min-gyu also said, “In some ways, (competition for a second term) can be a motivation. “It will be confusing for the opponent,” he said. “Nothing has been confirmed about who will compete.” “I work actively from training to become a starter,” he explained.

Coach Hwang is widening the use of his squad through appropriate rotation in this tournament. It could be an expression of confidence. Results are also being produced. We are continuously managing our physical strength and maximizing the ‘strengths’ of our second-line resources.

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