Choi Seong-geun, who wants to become the navel of Suwon Samsung, pledges to tread slowly without haste


The navel is at the center of the human body. And it is the only proof that you are connected to others. It’s a part that doesn’t stand out unless you pay attention, but its importance is indescribable.

In soccer, the position of the defensive midfielder is closest to the navel. He takes care of all kinds of work between the defensive line, which plays the most important role in preventing runs, and the midfielder, where the attack is the starting point.

Players who play the belly button at Suwon Samsung include Choi Seong-geun, Han Seok-jong, and Lee Jong-seong. They are belly buttons with different personalities, but veteran midfielder Choi Seong-keun’s New Year’s resolution is different. He is very sorry that he could not spend a difficult time with his teammates due to injuries last season. He had a very difficult season personally. Due to an injury, Choi Seong-geun only played 4 games, the minimum since joining the 2017 season.

Choi Seong-keun, whom I met at Shilla Stay Jeju during the Jeju field training, seemed to have matured as much as he was sick. He said, “I’ve had a hard time. I’ve become stronger. I’m trying to prepare well from the winter season. I have a strong desire to finish the year without injury. Last year was personally difficult, but the team didn’t perform well, so I’m so sorry to my juniors. As a senior, I couldn’t be with him through a difficult time. I wanted to come back somehow quickly and laugh and have a hard time together, but forcible rehabilitation at the same time became poison. It was bitter,” he said.

More specifically, “After starting team training, the hardest part was to get hurt unexpectedly and feel that my body wasn’t following me. . I learn a lot while communicating with the new physical coach.”

However, Choi Seong-geun said that there is no problem at all now. While undergoing rehabilitation, he also learned that impatience can become poisonous. He said, “Last year, I couldn’t play a lot. I spent a lot of time away from the team. But that doesn’t mean I’m not in a hurry to raise my body right now. I have to prepare step by step and do my best to compete and play. As a player, I have a greater desire to function as a team by communicating a lot with players in various positions.”

Choi Seong-keun’s position is still a defensive midfielder. He is the focal point of the team. He belongs to Han Seok-jong and Lee Jong-seong. He seems to be conscious of competition in the new season, but he is confident, saying, “There is competition wherever we go. We also have many players with different strengths, but you don’t know what will happen as you go through the season. We always have to prepare to do well when we go out.” revealed

He said, “What I have prepared since the training in Geoje is the build-up and defense form. I have to do a lot through practice matches with Jeju, but coach Lee Byung-geun coaches me to do well in the belly button role, which is the center. He orders a lot for both defense and offense. , They have a strong defensive tendency, so they ask for it. (In terms of the starting point of attack) A quick attack. They order the ball to reach the top line faster.”

In a word, it is the role of holding the center. Here, good resources such as veteran midfielder Kim Bo-kyung and foreign player Basani joined. Choi Seong-geun said, “I know Bo-kyung hyung because he played with the national team of each age group in Japan when he was young. He is a great player who is unconditionally helpful to the team. Basani is also a good player. Other teams have the same style as (Kim) Kyung-joong.” He expressed his anticipation for the new season with new resources.

He also said, “As a senior, it was regrettable that I couldn’t help in a difficult time last year due to a long-term injury. I felt a sense of responsibility. This year, I will prepare harder and show a better image. I will prepare well from the winter season so that such a situation does not happen again. I will try to make you smile.” 메이저사이트

He continued, “I want to keep the center and make the team do well. Of course, I want to play more than 20 games. Even if it hurts, it’s a style that I refer to, but now that I’m older and have more experience, I want to be more cautious and firm. If I did it with the mindset that it would just work when I was younger, it’s different now. It’s rather fast to prepare firmly. It’s a painful experience. Take your time. I’ll try to make it better.” Expectations are high that veteran Choi Seong-geun, who is a proud veteran, will be able to function as Suwon’s mature navel.

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