Coach Klinsmann, who is ‘going to Korea in a hurry’ amid negative public opinion, “I hope you will make a decision after watching the Asian Cup. Until then, there is only a positive atmosphere


I hope you can create positive public opinion until the Asian Cup…소닉카지노Please leave criticism afterward.”

This was the request of national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann. After completing his European expedition, Klinsmann returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 14th. Overseas teams returned to their respective leagues, and K-League players and coach Klinsmann returned to the country. Initially, Coach Klinsmann planned to remain in Europe and check on German players including Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich). But suddenly the schedule changed. The Korea Football Association (KFA) said through its official channel on the 13th, “Coach Klinsmann initially watched Bayern Munich’s game in the German Bundesliga this week in person and visited a European club, held a meeting with officials and conducted an on-site analysis with the European coaching staff ahead of the A match in October. He was scheduled to return home after completing the announcement, but the schedule was changed at today’s coaching staff meeting to begin the work of confirming K-League players before announcing the list in October.”

It is known that KFA strongly requested Coach Klinsmann to return to Korea as public opinion against him took an unusual turn. It is known that Coach Klinsmann also accepted the association’s request, considering the current situation. In an interview after returning to Korea, Coach Klinsmann said, “Through this convocation, I was able to find positive aspects. I was able to share how we are growing and developing and what preparations we should make for the next convocation.” He added, “I heard that many people are waiting for me. (Laughs) The association said that usually after an overseas expedition, the coach comes back with the players. There was no big problem with changing the schedule, and I thought it was right to move to the team high school.

Korean soccer is caught in a vortex called ‘Klinsmann’. From his appointment until now, there has been a series of controversies. Coach Klinsmann was appointed as coach Paulo Bento’s successor in February. Public opinion has been negative since the news that ‘Director Klinsmann is the most likely’ was spread. He is a famous player who performed at a world-class level during his active career and boasts the best career among Korean coaches, but after becoming a coach, he suffered from frequent gossip. Except for leading the German national team to third place in the World Cup, he did not leave a significant mark. Rather, he made frequent trips to the United States, lacked tactical ability, preferred foreign players, and even announced his resignation on social media during his time at Hertha Berlin.

Above all, there were loud voices of dissatisfaction with the disappearance of the system during his director selection process. Unlike when he appointed Coach Bento, Coach Klinsmann did not have a specific and transparent system in place. It was literally the pick of the President of the Korea Football Association, Chung Mong-gyu, whose manager selection committee had become famous. Michael Müller, the first foreigner in history to lead the selection of the coach and the chairman of the National Team Strengthening Committee, was unable to properly answer any of the questions at the press conference for the appointment of coach Klinsmann and spoke gibberish, leaving fans stunned.

In the end, Director Klinsmann himself came forward. Coach Klinsmann, who attended the senior press conference, calmed some of the complaints with a straightforward answer. Public opinion also turned to the opinion that we should wait and see if he was appointed. In the March international match, Klinsmann, who was a member of the Qatar World Cup, showed potential by playing more direct soccer than during his time with Bento. It has raised the possibility of the Asian Cup, which Coach Klinsmann had declared from the beginning.

But the honeymoon did not last long. Director Klinsmann, who had promised to reside in Korea, was put on the chopping block due to his frequent outings. Since his time with the German national team, Coach Klinsmann has been plagued by rumors due to his frequent trips to the United States. Perhaps because of concerns about this, the association announced the appointment of coach Klinsmann and emphasized that ‘we have decided to reside in the country.’ Director Klinsmann also said, “I will stay in Korea.” But the reality was different. Director Klinsmann has already gone abroad four times since his appointment. He stayed in the country for only 67 days in six months.

Since I wasn’t in Korea, I naturally didn’t watch the K-League properly. In the case of Ahn Hyeon-beom (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who made his debut in the last international match, he even made the mistake of selecting players without seeing them in person and failing to utilize them properly. As they ignored the K Leaguers, they seemed to be focusing on the Europeans. A player playing in the German third division was also selected. As dissatisfaction grew, Coach Klinsmann seemed to be concentrating on his outside activities. He appeared as a panelist on an overseas soccer program and talked about Tottenham, Lionel Messi, Harry Kane, etc. He omitted Palbyo from the list, gave interviews to overseas media, and attended the European Champions League draw ceremony. Director Klinsmann expressed his thoughts through an online meeting in the United States, but public opinion worsened.

The European expedition added fuel. Klinsmann played two consecutive matches against Wales and Saudi Arabia in England. Issues outside of the game covered the national team. Even before departure, there was a lot of noise due to frequent outings, neglect of K-League players, and moderation of Europeans, and even after arriving on site, various problems were caused and fueled the already unfavorable public opinion. He made a fuss about playing in a charity match between his former team Bayern Munich and Chelsea, and foreign media reported that he requested a uniform exchange from Wales captain Aaron Ramsey for his son. When the situation was not going well, I had an interview with local reporters such as Sports Chosun for almost an hour, but he said, “There is no need to watch the entire K-League” and “I will not change. If you don’t like it, find another coach.” It left the fans stunned.

Above all, the performance was not good. They finally achieved their first win against Saudi Arabia with a 1-0 win thanks to Cho Gyu-seong (Midtjylland)’s winning goal, but their performance was below expectations. They failed to win in any of the previous five games. Coach Klinsmann faced Colombia (2-2 draws) and Uruguay (1-2 losses) in March and Peru (0-1 losses) and El Salvador (1-1 draws) in June, but recorded 2 draws and 2 losses. Wales, the first opponent in the September international match, had a strength close to 1.5, but showed an empty ball to the extent that they could only hit one effective shot. The Europeans made great performances the previous weekend, including Son Heung-min’s hat-trick, but were silent after switching to the national team.

To make matters worse, it seemed like the players couldn’t even figure out their positions. Hong Hyun-seok, who had scored multiple goals just before, seemed to be wandering on the side instead of the center, and Lee Soon-min, the best defensive midfielder in the K League, was used as an offensive player. Of course, there was no way the game would go well. After his appointment, the record of the longest winless period in history was the responsibility of Coach Klinsmann. He has a habit of saying, “I’m getting better,” but he’s showing a colorless game that even calling it ‘colorless and odorless’ is not enough. Although he calls for attacking soccer, he only scores 5 goals in 6 games. There is a lack of detail, and it looks like soccer is running rampant. Unfortunately, the current national team boasts the best members it has ever had. Public dissatisfaction appears to have reached its peak.

Coach Klinsmann raised his voice asking for evaluation of himself at the Asian Cup held in Qatar in January, as the team is moving forward positively. Coach Klinsmann said, “Ultimately, it is a process to get to the Asian Cup. I am confident that I will achieve good results. Of course, if the results are not good, I will be criticized and have no choice but to be put to the test. That is the destiny of a coach. But I have experience in tournaments. “There are a lot of these,” he said emphatically. He continued, “There is not much time until the October international match. After the October international match, there will be a real-world stage called the World Cup qualifiers. Although I am now in Korea, I plan to go back and forth to watch the matches in Europe.”

Coach Klinsmann is receiving attention from his country’s German national team, which recently had a vacant position. He dismissed it by saying, “Right now, I’m focusing on winning the Asian Cup.” Regarding the news that it may be unclear whether Lee Kang-in will participate in the Asian Cup due to being selected for the Asian Games, he said, “I haven’t heard. We are in close conversation with coach Luis Enrique. Since it is an official A match, there will be no problem with being called up.”

Coach Klinsmann finally asked for positive support. He said, “No matter how strong we are united internally, if negative public opinion is created from outside, the team is bound to be shaken. That was the case with Germany at the Qatar World Cup. Everything was negative, and in the end, they were eliminated in the group stage. The national team is ultimately the people’s team. “If everyone creates a positive atmosphere until the Asian Cup, good results will be possible,” he said.

-How do you feel about returning to Korea?

▶I’m glad you came. I think it would have been better to see you all in England. I feel like I feel quite good every time I convene. I think we can find a lot of positive elements. We convened in March, June, and now September, and I felt a lot of things about how much we have developed internally and how much we are going through this process toward the Asian Cup. As we played in Cardiff and Newcastle, we were growing and improving, and we shared concerns and discussions with our staff about how we should prepare for the next convocation.

-The reason for changing the schedule.

▶I heard that many people were waiting for me, so I decided to come. (Laughs) Apart from that, many people in the association also talked about it, and usually, when the players return home after an overseas expedition, the coaches usually return home together like this. When I heard that they were doing it, I thought about that part again. Actually, I was scheduled to watch the game between Bayern Munich and Leverkusen this week, but it wouldn’t be a big problem to change the schedule, so I thought it was right for me to move with the team, so I came in. I think I’ll see you all again at the K-League site this weekend. When I worked in Germany or the United States, I rarely had so many people welcome me when I went abroad, so there were actually some new aspects. In particular, it was a new experience to be welcomed by so many people after a friendly match like this, so after hearing many stories about that aspect again, I decided to change the schedule again.

-Will you go out again after the A match in October?

▶I have a schedule that will keep going back and forth. That’s because there are games to watch in Europe and abroad right now, so there’s a schedule for that, but there’s not much time left until the international match in October, so in fact, after the game in England, the coaches and staff and now the next opponent. How can we analyze the next matches and, as you all know, there are only two friendly matches left? After the friendly match in October, we will immediately begin the World Cup qualifiers, so we are constantly thinking about how to prepare, how to form players, and how to form a team. Anyway, as soon as October ends, we will go on to the World Cup qualifiers and the Asian Cup, and I think I need to show an even better performance there with many of you. In fact, the re-joining of Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae for this convocation gave us a great deal of strength and helped us as a team a lot. So, I think it will definitely be important for these two players to continue to be healthy together. Now, as you know, there isn’t much time. Since there isn’t much time left until the next convocation, I think we need to continue to analyze internally and against our next opponents and prepare for the upcoming game.

-Public opinion is not good.

▶We have a very positive and continuously developing team atmosphere. As you know, in March, we worked with players who participated in the World Cup, and after that, there were many changes in June and September. With key players missing, we were put to the test as to how we should organize the team by appointing new players, and as the team continued to change, new players joined each time we were called up, and we played many more games before that. We continue to worry about how to harmonize with the players who were unable to play, and how to organize players with these players and how to develop and grow in the process leading up to the Qatar Asian Cup. there is. In that regard, we are trying to create a fairly positive team atmosphere. Every time these players are called up, they understand a little more what our coaching staff wants and how we want to run the team, so that’s a positive aspect. I would like to tell you this. There’s not much left, but it’s the Asian Cup after all. In order to achieve good results in the Asian Cup, we are confident and have high expectations that we will achieve good results. However, in the process, we clearly need to improve and make corrections in many areas, but how can we prepare for that process? Scouting involves analyzing the opposing team. I think the key will be how we analyze the opposing team and the opposing key players and how we prepare by watching the games, and we are going through a process of developing and growing together in a positive way.

First of all, at the association level and in forming a team, there are bound to be quite a few changes in preparation for the next competition after a big competition. There may be many issues in that change, and various processes go through. It would be great if all aspects were satisfied at the association level and as a team, but in the end, the results will be evaluated when we go to a big competition and achieve good results. I think I should get it. At the same time, I think it will be important to see how we can grow as a team and how we can prepare for the next competition after finishing another big competition in this process, and starting in November, it is now the actual competition. Now, before that, we have had 8 international matches, and obviously there are many parts during this international match period that are a bit unsatisfactory, but in the end, we have the best players in the Asian Cup, and we will bring the best team and achieve good results. We will also prepare well.

-If the Asian Cup is emphasized but the results are not good.

▶I’ll say it again, the Asian Cup is ultimately the goal. The same is true in our coaching era, and the players are now preparing for the Asian Cup. Of course, if the results are not good, the fans and the media in front of you will naturally ask questions and criticize me, and then it will be a test. I think there is none. That seems to be the director’s destiny. However, I think I have a lot of experience with tournaments, and both as a coach and the players have always enjoyed playing in tournaments a lot. Having experienced various tournaments such as the Euros and the World Cup, I have experience on how to prepare a team and how to build a team, so I have the thought of building a good team with a good enough appearance, and I have such a positive attitude. I would like to tell you about this factor. The most important thing is that it is very important for our players to reach the Asian Cup healthy, and the same goes for Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. Hwang Hee-chan was also not in 100% condition when he was called up this time as he was recovering from a hamstring injury, but Lee Kang-in is also currently out with an injury, and if these players are healthy and ready together, Qatar will definitely be a good team and the best team with good players. If we can go that far, I think we can achieve good results.

Ultimately, I will say it again, but the Asian Cup is our biggest goal at the moment. After a big competition, when preparing for the next competition, the team needs to receive quite positive public opinion and positive energy. Only then can you achieve success. No matter how strongly we unite internally and no matter how positive a message we send, if external factors or many people create negative public opinion or say negative things, the team is bound to be shaken. The German national team at the Qatar World Cup is a very good example. Germany received a lot of criticism right before going to the World Cup and everything was negative. Everything surrounding the team was negative, and in the end, they were eliminated and suffered the humiliation of being eliminated in the group stage and going home. We need to receive positive public opinion and positive atmosphere, and the players need to receive that kind of energy. In the end, the national team is a team of the people and a team that represents the country, so creating that positive atmosphere together is very important to the team. I think it will be helpful. As I said before, I don’t think it’s too late to criticize, criticize, and criticize when your grades aren’t good or you don’t get the results you want. What I want to say is that if we create a positive atmosphere with our players, our coaching staff, and the media, as well as all the fans up to Qatar, I think we can create better synergy and bring about better results.

-The German national team is showing interest.

▶For now, we will focus on bringing home the Asian Cup trophy.

-Did you take good care of Ramsey’s uniform?

▶Actually, the physical therapist on the team my son is on made that request and I have now received it. The physiotherapist is Welsh. I don’t know if it became such a big issue, and I didn’t know it would become this big of an issue, but anyway, the sad part is that after the story came out in the media, my son’s social media received a lot of rather negative criticism, and I think that’s a bit unfortunate. I want to tell you. I would like to say that I have exchanged many uniforms during my 40 years of soccer life, not only because of Ramsey’s uniform, but also because many players have uniforms at home.

-There was an issue of Lee Kang-in being selected for the Asian Cup.

▶First of all, I haven’t heard about such an issue. I heard that he is still recovering, but for now, coach Enrique and I are talking about Lee Kang-in and texting separately. In any case, since the Asian Cup is an international match period, there is no major concern as it is a period when FIFA can call up players.

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