Contract renewal misfire → anger/suppression → return → happy smile… “I wanted to come to Korea” and that’s it!


“Honestly, I was angry.”

KIA ‘returned’ foreign pitcher Thomas Panoni (29) pitched well in the return match. He had the desire to throw more, but stopped at the right time. Panoni himself seemed to be somewhat satisfied.

Panoni started in the 2023 KBO League regular season match against Samsung held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 12th and recorded 4 hits, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs in 4 innings. The number of pitches was 76.

He didn’t win or lose. Although they came down 1-2 behind, Panoni’s risk of defeat was blown away as the batting line tied the score at the bottom of the 5th and even reversed it.

On this day, Panoni sprayed a four-seam with a maximum speed of 143 km/h. The average speed is 140 km/h. Here, the cutter with a maximum speed of 142 km per hour and an average speed of 139 km per hour was powerful. A much better look than last season. It has become a surefire weapon.

The four-seam went in and the cutter went out with a similar velocity. The appearance of Samsung hitters not responding properly. There were a lot of missed balls. The curveball was the third pitch, and the changeup was also mixed in as a seasoning. Overall, the jegu stood out.

Panoni, who we met after the game, said, “I think it was okay overall. I blocked it without conceding until the 3rd inning, but I was shaken in the 4th inning. It was fine though. There were no physical problems. After getting hits by the first two batters, I felt like I wanted to get an out quickly. It seems that I was chased after that,” he explained.

I asked if the 5th episode was not greedy. Then, “Of course I wanted to throw more. But I haven’t thrown it for about 2 weeks. In the meantime, I also moved to Korea. There is also a jet lag adaptation part. I think I cut it off properly,” he laughed.

Regarding the part where the cutter improved, “I focused on the off-season, and continued to practice even after entering the season. I also try to throw fastballs in line with each other. I wonder if there will be a synergistic effect.”

He said he was happy to come back to Korea. “I have good memories of last season. I was happy and happy when I signed a contract with KIA again. To be honest, I was fine last year, so when I couldn’t renew my contract, I got a little angry. I was also embarrassed,” he said.

“The past is just the past. come back. Happy to be back at KIA. It is expected. I think I can enjoy it,” he stressed. A bright smile spread across his face.토토사이트주소

In fact, I even stepped onto the big league stage. just a while ago On the 1st, he took the mound in the Pittsburgh away game as a member of Milwaukee and recorded 2 runs with 4 strikeouts in 2.2 innings. Afterwards, he was nominated for Yang and wore the KIA uniform.

Panoni said, “While negotiating with KIA, I was called up to the major leagues. I was grateful that Milwaukee invited me, but I had a strong desire to come to KIA. Milwaukee recognized that part and took it off the roster. Thanks to you, I was able to come here.”

Now there is only one thing left to do. Coach Kim Jong-guk hopes to take on the first and second starting pitchers along with Mario Sanchez. Panoni is also very determined.

“My goal is to pitch well every game. You have to do your best every time you throw a ball. It is my job to create a foundation for team victory. I will throw well every time I start,” he emphasized.

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