Daejeon Hana, which strives to maximize profitability, has started using high-end Skybox for multiple purposes


“I can make it like this because I have a budget.”

The Daejeon World Cup Stadium, the home ground of the time when the poor citizens were Daejeon citizens, had difficulties in making full use of the inside, although its appearance remained the same as that of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Even the sculpture that symbolizes the club had to go through consultations with the Korea Facilities Management Corporation.

Skybox, which other clubs operate and sell, was also the case. It was far from profit-making as it was used as an office for the CEO. As it was used as an annex to a VIP seat, it had the feeling of authoritarianism in the 1980s.

However, after Hana Financial Group took over the club and was reborn as Daejeon Hana Citizen, it began to change one by one. In particular, the acquisition of the right to operate the stadium’s facilities from Daejeon Metropolitan City in 2021 became a catalyst for accelerating the change. The so-called long-term rental of the stadium will allow them to run their own profitable businesses and speed up the team’s management independence based on this.

Although it is a professional team, Daejeon Hana’s attempt was definitely fresh in a structure where the budget influence of the parent company or local governments still remained. The sports climbing business made a so-called jackpot. Profitability was pretty good, too. Of course, it is said that it is slowing down somewhat at the moment. This is because the climbing fields are established at each major branch of Daejeon, which is inferior in accessibility.

Still, Daejeon Hana will go the way of Daejeon Hana. It has newly created Skybox. It was 100% renovated and unveiled in the fifth round against Sunsan HD on the 2nd.

Skybox is located on the third floor of the stands on the west side of the stadium. While other stadiums protrude from handrails, Daejeon is still attached to the main office. There is a sense of unity in the field of view. Six rooms were opened with a budget of 700 million won to 800 million won.

The prices also vary depending on the size. A room for four is priced at 600,000 won, 1.2 million won for eight, 1.8 million won for 12-person, and 2.4 million won for 16-person rooms. Compared with ordinary seats in the stands, people can enjoy more comfortable games with less cost.

It is a natural service for spectators who use Skybox, but a buffet style of food and beverage is provided. It was organized in a luxurious manner by an external company. In addition, it was installed as a monitor to watch the game together, and a soccer game stand was installed so that it was not boring. A parking ticket for a stadium is also provided. 밤알바

There was also a difference for each room. A four-person room is designed to be “private.” It is suitable for running a business through sports. Multi-person rooms with 12 or more people are decorated like a sports pub.

A Daejeon official said, “There have been discussions since January this year, and the opening game at home was delayed, so the schedule was tight. We will actively promote and increase the utilization rate,” stressing that we will actively engage in sales.

The era of just watching games in the stadium is long over. “I am deeply moved to see business facilities that I really wanted to do take place one by one. These are things that I couldn’t do in the past even if I wanted to. It is all the more impressive because I worked with Hana Financial Group, the parent company, to do it,” said an employee who experienced experiences as a citizen team.

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