Daejeon looking for striker, ‘Latvia Player of the Year’ FW Gutkowskis embraced


Daejeon Hana Citizen succeeded in reinforcing the attacking team.

An official familiar with the K-League transfer market told Sports Chosun on the 4th, “Daejeon has successfully recruited Latvian national striker Vladislavs Gutkowskis. . Daejeon, which had been looking for a foreign player for a long time, succeeded in filling the last puzzle called Gutkowskis, and spurred their entry into the Final A.토토사이트주소

Daejeon, which was promoted this season, filled the foreign quota with Thiago, Leandro, Anton, and Massa. Plans were made to recruit one more person. Initially, I was looking for an attacking midfielder who would add creativity. I wanted a type of player who can move between the sides and the center. Since last winter, I’ve been scouring players for that position. The right player didn’t stand out. Even after the winter transfer market closed, we continued to look at foreign strikers, aiming for the summer transfer market.

Daejeon received a report card that exceeded expectations after the opening. He maintained the top rank with bold attacking football. Director Lee Min-seong started to worry more about depth. In particular, they desperately needed a player who could break through the opponent’s dense defense. Daejeon showed a toxic weakness for the team that came down. The thirst for a foreign striker who can make a difference has grown. While considering various types of players, Gutkowskis stood out.

Gutkowskis is a striker who boasts a sturdy physique of 1m87-85kg. Gutkowskis, who made his debut in the Latvian League’s Olympus Liga, went through Skonto in the same league, and has been playing in the Polish League since 2016. He has been playing for Rakow Cheng Stohuva since 2020 after going through Nie Sikja. He scored 8 goals in 32 appearances in the 2022-2023 season, leading his team to win the league championship. He also scored 11 goals in 43 matches for the Latvian national team. In 2021 and 2022, his ability is recognized enough to win the Latvian Player of the Year award consecutively.

Gutkowskis isn’t a great scorer, but he’s good at fighting opponents’ defenses with his strength. It is said that his feet are fast compared to his size, and his feet are good. He doesn’t stay in the front line, but he has a style of creating chances by slipping into the flanks. The match, which originally had a good attacking midfielder in mind, is the background behind Gutkowskis’ selection. I paid attention to the power option. As Thiago is a reliable striker, the plan is to further strengthen his offensive power by utilizing Gutkowskis’ various abilities. In Daejeon, in addition to the existing three-top, various cards such as two-top are in mind.

Anton played a big part in the signing of Gutkowskis. Anton, who was recruited this season and is performing like Altoran in the defense, is said to have recommended Gutkowskis. The Azerbaijani-born Anton played for Poland’s Wisla Plock before moving to Daejeon, where he faced Gutkowskis. During the negotiation process, it was Anton who invited Gutkowskis, who was shaking as Gangwon FC jumped in, to Daejeon. It is said that Gutkowskis was determined to persuade Anton.

Gutkowskis is the second player from Latvia to play in the K-League after Eric, who played for Anyang LG (predecessor to FC Seoul) in 1999.

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