DRX ‘Deokdam’, difficult to participate in LCK due to injury… ‘Fleta’ Min-woo Son scheduled to play


‘Deokdam’ Seo Dae-gil suffered an elbow injury, making it difficult for him to play in the LCK for a while.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, DRX announced on their official SNS that ‘Deokdam’ Dae-gil Seo was unable to participate in the upcoming LCK match due to an elbow injury.

With the main bot laner out due to injury, DRX announced that Min-woo “Fleta” Son would be playing in place of Dae-gil Seo. On the LCK CL roster, which became vacant due to Son Min-woo’s participation in the LCK, the academy team’s bot laner, Park “Padeok” Seok-hyeon, will be called up as an emergency call-up. 온라인바카라

DRX said, “We will do our best so that Seo Dae-gil can focus on his recovery. We ask for a lot of encouragement from fans so that Seo Dae-gil can return to a healthy state as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, DRX is about to play 2023 LCK Spring 6 weeks 3 day 1 against Gen.G on the 24th.

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