‘Expect growth as a tall guard-tall forward’ SK, Park Jae-hyung and Kim Tae-young registered as designated players


SK registered two additional designated players. 온라인카지노

The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul SK and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation’s 5th round confrontation held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 11th. A special time was prepared before the game. The nomination ceremony was held for SK’s new nominees Park Jae-hyung (12, 173cm) and Kim Tae-young (12, 182cm).

First, Park Jae-hyung, who is scheduled to go to Yangjeong Middle School, was a member of the SK Youth Basketball Class and ranked 3rd in the U12 Division of the 2022 KBL Youth Cup. The basics are good and the pass and dribble are stable. In particular, it is evaluated that the strength is in shooting. As a result of the growth plate test, he is expected to be taller to the early 190cm, so he is highly likely to grow into a tall guard in the future.

Kim Tae-young also led the 3rd place in the U12 division of the 2022 KBL Youth Cup Tournament, eating rice in the same SK youth basketball class as Park Jae-hyung. His strength is that he started playing basketball early, has excellent basic skills, and is taller than his peers. As a result of the growth plate test, the expected height is 203cm, so it is a resource worth looking forward to as a tall forward. Kim Tae-young plans to go to Gwangshin Middle School.

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol personally wore uniforms to Park Jae-hyung and Kim Tae-young, who were selected as the designated players. Captain Choi Bu-gyeong delivered a bouquet of flowers to them and left a word of encouragement. The nomination ceremony concluded with a commemorative photo shoot.

Meanwhile, SK started with Ahn Se-hwan (Hwimun High School 1) and Pyeon Si-yeon (Hongdaebu High School 1) in 2018, Kim Seong-hoon (Hwimun Middle School 3) and Eddie Daniel (Yongsan Middle School 2) in 2019, Kim Min-jae (Yongsan Middle School 2) and Kim Tae-in (Yongsan Middle School 2) in 2020. 2) was designated as a designated player by association. In 2021, Kim Jae-won (Gwangshin Middle School 2) and Kang Min-seong (Dandaebbu Middle School 1) were additionally nominated, and Jeon Jae-hyeon (Yongsan Middle School 1) last year. And by designating two more this year, we have the most 11 designated players in the KBL.

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