Following the command tower, to Kim Ji-han… Woori Card, “The atmosphere is good” even with the departure of Corona 19


Woori Card and Hyundai Capital clash in the men’s round 4 match of the ‘2022-2023 season Dodram V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 19th.

This season, we have a 4th meeting, dreaming of revenge after losing 3 matches against each other. For our card, today’s game is important. It is only 4 points away from OK Financial Group (36 points) in 4th place.

Current head coach Shin Young-cheol and middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun have to encourage until the 20th due to Corona 19. To make matters worse, outside heaters Kim Ji-han and Kim Dong-min also announce the news of the confirmation and cannot accompany them.

Head coach Kim Jae-heon, who briefly took the baton instead of new coach, leads the team until today’s game. 안전놀이터

The positive thing is that in the previous game, Korean Air was defeated after a bloody battle in a full set, and the momentum is good. In the previous game, Song Hee-chae did not play, so the receive was somewhat shaken. On this day, Song Hee-chae fills the empty seat of Kim Ji-han again.

Coach Kim, who visited the interview room two weeks ago, said, “Today, Ji-han Kim and Dong-min Kim could not accompany us due to Corona 19. There are some difficulties in training (because many players are missing), but we will do our best in the current composition.”

The main players have partly left, and even the command tower is empty. Coach Kim led the team in the last game as well. After the last game, coach Shin said over the phone that he “contacted the players individually and praised them,” coach Kim said on the day, “Song Hee-chae will take the place where Kim Ji-han is missing, but he will originally take his place and will do his job well. Any further replacements. There are no available players,” he said with a laugh.

However, the atmosphere of the team can be said to be the best at the moment. Coach Kim said, “The team atmosphere is good even during the losing streak, but I tried to make this atmosphere more explosive by winning the game. Anyway, I think it will be an opportunity to gain more confidence by winning the league’s top team (Korean Air). Ik is also looking forward to that part,” he said.

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