‘Fungo → Pitching → Conditioning’ specialized training by field, the reason why Lotte chose Guam rather than the US mainland


“It’s nice to be able to turn the time it takes to adjust to jet lag into training.”

The holy places of spring camp are Arizona and Florida, USA. Australia and Okinawa also tend to have preferences depending on the command tower or team. 스포츠토토

On the other hand, the Lotte Giants this year chose Guam. Spring camps are often held here, but it is a preferred place for veterans to build up their bodies prior to full-scale training.

An official from the Lotte club said, “The weather is really nice. Training has never been canceled due to rain for 10 days. Sometimes it rains, but it dries quickly.” It’s cool to be in the shade,” he said, praising Guam.

There is nothing worse than the United States, where you have to fly for more than 15 hours by plane. Unlike the U.S., where you have to adjust to the time difference when coming and going, Guam can be reached in just over four hours by flight, and the time difference is only one hour from Korea.

The practical advantages of Lotte cannot be ignored either. With the Lotte Hotel in Guam, it is easy to provide luxury accommodations to the athletes. This is a definite strength compared to other teams that had difficulty securing accommodation in the aftermath of this year’s major league club’s spring camp and the NFL Super Bowl. The distance to the baseball field is also close enough to be less than 10 minutes by car.

In terms of clean facilities, it is a bit inferior to Arizona and Florida, which are also used by major league clubs. Instead, it has the advantage of being able to use Lotte alone as if renting it without a fixed time.

Dededo Baseball Field, the main training ground, has a structure with four sides of the baseball field facing each other, just like American campsites. There is a small tower in the center of these ballparks. It is mainly used as a resting place for players tired from the heat, but when coach Larry Sutton and other coaches climb up to the second floor, it is a panopticon-like structure where you can see the training being conducted in several places at a glance. Paseho Baseball Stadium, which is used as a separate fungo intensive training space, is not too far away.

The Lotte club is making the most of these advantages. In some cases, catchers’ basic skills training, fielders’ baserunning training, conditioning training centered on training coach Kim Hyun-wook, hitters’ batting or fungo training, and pitchers’ pitching training can be conducted at the same time.

Coach Bae Young-soo is using this as an opportunity to teach pitchers details. Hyeon-Hee Han and Joon-Won Seo, who are sidearms, are followed by coach Kim Hyeon-Wook as if they were a dedicated coach. Coach Kang Young-sik also instructs detailed training. It is also a desperate measure for Coach Bae Young-soo, who has to leave the team for a while after being selected as the pitching coach for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March.

On the 12th, coach Bae will move to the United States with power analysis coordinator Heo Sam-young and finishing pitcher Kim Won-joong to join the WBC team training. Park Se-woong, who is training in Korea, is also scheduled to arrive at the US national team camp at the same time.

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