Jordan Amuta, who only educated Klins, is uncertain about renewing his contract with Jordan… “I’m going back to Morocco”


Head coach Hussein Amuta of the Jordanian national soccer team, who has caused indelible pain to Korean soccer, will return to his home country Morocco, leaving behind whether to renew his contract.

South Korea, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, lost 0-2 against Jordan in the semifinals of the Qatar Asian Cup at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium at midnight on the 7th (Korean time). South Korea collapsed at the time with consecutive losses to Yazan Al-Naimat in the 7th minute of the second half and Musa Al-Tamari in the 22nd minute of the second half.

One of the most notable leaders in this Qatar Asian Cup was Amuta. Before the tournament, Amuta was highly criticized for Jordan’s poor A-match performance, but after entering the Qatar Asian Cup, he showed tremendous leadership and pushed Jordan to the final. It was Jordan’s first ever Asian Cup final, and he made a great impact by winning 2-0 against South Korea.

Naturally, there is a high interest in Amuta and Jordan’s accompaniment. However, Amuta has stopped negotiating the renewal of his contract for now. According to the Middle East media “Kura”, Amuta said, “I will go to Morocco. After that, I will discuss my future with the Jordanian Football Association (JFA) whether to stay in the team or not.” 헤라카지노

“I was a coach of Jordan until now, but I have to leave for Morocco due to family reasons,” Amuta said. “I hope that the players will maintain the same level. The most important thing is to advance to the 2026 FIFA North-Central America World Cup finals,” he said.

In other words, Jordan is likely to break up with the coach who shared the honor at the Qatar Asian Cup. Attention is focusing on what future coach Amuta, who won two leadership matches with Klinsmann.

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