Seongnam FC, which threw a ‘promotion winner’, recruited Huiz, Portugal’s first-division striker


Seongnam FC has strengthened its front line by recruiting forward striker Leonardo Huiz from Colombia, a former member of the Primera Liga in Portugal. Huiz will play on the ground with his jersey number 9.

Huiz is the front-line striker who gained experience in Spain, Ukraine, and Portugal after joining the Porto youth league and then joining Sporting B. Notably, he played in 14 matches for the club until recently, scoring two goals. Huiz is currently ranked 13th in the Primayla Liga.

Huiz, who boasts a height of 187 centimeters, is excellent in contention using his heading ability and physical skills, and is well-known for his activities, such as coming down to the midfielder area and playing, and helping players play and attack.

Huiz will complete his medical practice at Bundang Best Hospital, Seongnam FC’s cooperative hospital, and will join the team’s training. Since Huiz has been playing for Hiu Ab before joining Seongnam, he is known to be in very good physical condition and can play the game right away. 여우알바

“With the recruitment of Huizh, the offensive team has been completed,” Seongnam manager Lee Ki-hyung said. “I hope you can create synergy with existing players and work hard to promote them.” Huizh said, “I heard that Seongnam is a prestigious team in the K-League. My condition is at my best, and I will work with the players as soon as possible.”

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