GS Kyungsoo and Guseong PEC advance to the King of Kings match


The second leg of the 17th Geumgang Cup Little K League National Youth Soccer Tournament, the cradle of Korean youth soccer dreams, ended in Chuncheon on the 5th.

The 2nd game of this tournament was held for two days from the 4th at a total of 5 stadiums, including Gongjicheon artificial turf stadiums A and B, Chuncheon Songam auxiliary stadium, Kumjaram stadium, and Geoduri artificial stadium.메이저놀이터

In the second round of this tournament, in which a total of 100 teams participate, 19 teams were divided into three age groups, U-8, U-9, and U-10, and the winner was determined by the full league method.

△U-8=GS Kyungsoo △U-9=GS Kyungsoo △U-10=Guseong PEC won the championship in each category of the 2nd game. The winning team in each category of this competition was given the right to advance to the Little K-League King of Kings along with the winning cup, and additional training supplies (soccer ball, ball bag, training dish cone) were provided, and training supplies were delivered to all participating teams.

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