Guinezhu, will the appointment of national team coach be canceled…Raising the possibility of returning to his former team Besiktas


The possibility of Besiktas JK’s appointment of Senol Günesch (71), the candidate for the next head coach of the Korean national team, has been raised.

Turkish media “Ensonhaber” reported on the 3rd (local time) that “Hasan Arat Besiktas president had a conversation with head coach Han Ji-flick and Borussia Dortmund head coach Nouri Sahin over the managerial position,” adding, “The result was not positive, and Arat later met Günesch.”

The media added, “We have expressed our desire to lead the project according to Guinezhu’s own plan, and we will make a final decision soon.”

As he has been considered a candidate for the national team coach of the Korea Football Association (KFA), Güneche’s trip to Besiktas from FC Seoul is expected to leave a deep regret among soccer fans.

“The three years I spent in Korea as a coach of FC Seoul were full of fond memories. I want to finish my last soccer career with Korea,” Güneshu said in an interview with “KBS” on April 4. “My goal is to advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. There are no requirements for the KFA,” drawing keen attention from the media.

In particular, even though he applied for the national team coach position in 2013 and was not selected, he expressed his constant affection for Korea and received great support from fans.

Ironically, Guinez put down the baton during the 2022/23 season when he was leading Besiktas. On the surface, he voluntarily resigned due to his poor performance, but Besiktas won 16 games, five draws and two losses in 23 matches in the Turkiye Schieffer League during this period. His performance is far from underperforming.

In reality, the conflict with former chairman Ahmet Nur Sebi is known to be the decisive reason. According to media, Arat also expressed his opinion that he would not repeat the same mistakes as Sebi when discussing his return to the company. 스포츠토토

If Besiktas’ appointment is confirmed, it will be his third challenge for Guinez. Guinez was appointed to Besiktas for the first time in 2015, recording two consecutive Schiefer League wins (2016-2017) over the past four years, and returned to the European leagues after three years in 2022, drawing applause as he returned to the mid-ranked team.

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