Huge losses ‘inevitable’… Difficulty disposing of Tottenham ‘previous scam’


Tottenham Hotspur (England) seems to have to endure huge losses in the process of disposing of Tanggi Ndombele (26), the ‘previous eater’. This is because Napoli (Italy) is not willing to pay the full recruitment amount set as a clause at the time of signing the lease contract.

British media’The Bootroom’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “Tottenham is expected to suffer a larger loss than originally expected to dispose of Ndombele.” I have no intention of paying 10,000 euros (approximately 33.5 billion won). I want a significant discount on the transfer fee.” 스포츠토토

It is ‘unknown’ whether Tottenham will respond to the negotiations as Napoli intended, but if so, they will not be able to recover even a third, let alone half of the 70 million euros (about 94 billion won) they invested when they recruited Ndombele in the summer of 2019. There is a strong chance of becoming

Despite having to take a huge loss, Tottenham is currently forced to negotiate with Napoli. This is because it is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ opportunity to completely sell it right away. Moreover, it is necessary to consider that it is not easy to find the club you want if you try to dispose of it after returning after renting as the complete transfer is canceled.

In fact, there is no ‘love call’ for Ndombele anywhere. Already, when he was nominated for release last summer, there was no transfer offer because of his disappointing and insincere appearance. The present is not much different. His performances in Naples are not getting much attention because of his lack of performance. He had just one goal and one assist in 24 appearances (nine starts) in all competitions.

‘The Bootroom’ said, “Tottenham would be overjoyed if they completely parted ways with Ndombele.” I’m thinking in that direction,” he added.

On the other hand, Ndombele has not been able to show any activity since joining Tottenham, and has been called a ‘troubleshooter’ and ‘previous run-of-the-mill’ when he was unable to help the team at all due to frequent injuries. In particular, he was thoroughly ignored because he did not suit Antonio Conte’s (53, Italy) tactics.

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