Hwang Sung-bin’s multi-goal performance in France’s 3-0 win over France U-21s in Anbang


It was a day that would have surprised even Henri of France.

The South Korea U-22 soccer team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, defeated the France U-21s 3-0 in an away exhibition match at Stade Ocean in Le Havre, France, on Sept. 21 (KST).

France was led by legendary coach Thierry Henry. The best strikers who represented Korea and France, now as coaches, battled it out in a tactical battle.

South Korea drew 0-0 with Le Havre AC in an exhibition match on April 18. The team focused on checking their fitness, with 23 of the 24 players on the field.
Despite struggling a bit in the first half against France, they managed to hold on for a 0-0 tie, with a brilliant free-kick goal from second-half substitute Jung Sang-bin and an assist from Cho Hyun-taek leading the way to victory. Hong Yun-sang’s wedge goal also shone.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s France suffered a humiliating 0-3 defeat against Austria after a 0-2 loss in the previous match.

South Korea started with goalkeeper Shin Song-hoon, followed by Cho Hyun-taek, Seo Myung-kwan, Cho Wi-je, Hwang Jae-won, Min Kyung-hyun, Jeon Byung-kwan, Lee Kang-hee, Kang Sung-jin, Um Ji-sung, and Ahn Jae-joon.

South Korea struggled with the French offense. In the 21st minute, Tell’s shot went wide of the post. In the 23rd minute, Ugochukwu’s header from a free kick sailed over the bar. It was a threatening shot that hit the top of the net.

In the 27th minute, Barcola’s shot found the side of the net. South Korea counterattacks in the 29th minute, but the French defense stops them.

South Korea pressed hard on the French defense, winning the ball and creating several counterattack opportunities, but were unable to capitalize on their chances.

In the 44th minute, Akliouche’s threatening shot was saved by Shin Song-hoon. A minute later, Calimuando’s shot from a free kick hit the post.

South Korea made a change at the start of the second half, bringing on Jung Sang-bin as a substitute. However, as in the first half, they focused on defending against France’s sharp attacks with defensive-oriented football. In the 61st minute, Ahn Jae-jun tried to shoot from a counterattack, but was ruled offside. 토토사이트

After conceding a corner in the 65th minute, Korea was able to keep a clean sheet as Toure’s header was saved by Shin Song-hoon. Then, in the 70th minute, a free kick from a good position was converted into a wonder goal by Jung Sang-bin to give Korea a 1-0 lead. Three minutes later, a goal threatened. Wahi had a perfect scoring opportunity as he took advantage of a gap in the Korean defense. However, Wahi’s shot went wide of the goal. In the 76th minute, Wahi also failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

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