I put out a press release about the breakdown of negotiations… Why did LG suddenly change its attitude?


The release of the press release means that the club’s decision has been finalized.

Reversible things don’t come out in press releases. It is difficult to issue a press release if there is a big difference depending on the negotiations.

LG issued a press release on the 3rd. It was to inform the results of the salary negotiations. He said that he had signed 44 out of 45 contract renewal candidates.

Ko Woo-seok signed a contract for 430 million won, an increase of 160 million won (59.3% increase) from 270 million won in annual salary, and recorded the highest annual salary (excluding FA players) in the team.

Moon Bo-kyung signed a contract for 170 million won, an increase of 102 million won (150% increase) from 68 million won, recording the highest salary increase in the team and entering the first billion won salary in his career.

In addition, Kim Yun-sik (150 million), Lee Min-ho (140 million), and Lee Woo-chan (120 million) also recorded their first annual salary of 100 million won.

However, the name of veteran pitcher Song Eun-beom was missing. This is because negotiations have not yet been concluded.

Submitting a press release in such a situation meant that the Song Eun-beom contract could never be easily achieved. It can be said that there was a great difference of opinion.

But this afternoon, a dramatic twist occurred.

The LG club urgently wanted to renegotiate with Song Eun-beom, and a negotiation table was set up immediately.

LG presented better conditions than before, and Song Eun-beom also took a step back. Suddenly, the negotiations were open. 바카라사이트

The atmosphere that seemed to have completely gone was changed in an instant. what happened in the meantime?

The contract was difficult, but LG still needed Song Eun-beom.

Song Eun-beom only appeared in 25 games last year.

He went 1-1 with 2 holds and an earned run average of 4.05. Considering his comeback performance after undergoing surgery for a cruciate ligament rupture in his knee, he wasn’t too bad.

Song Eun-beom has played a key role in the LG bullpen for the past three years.

When he needed long relief, he pitched long innings, and even when he needed to deal with a losing game, he silently climbed the mound and did his part.

The results revealed were not very outstanding, but the contribution to the team was by no means small.

LG still needs Song Eun-beom’s presence. His know-how accumulated through his rich experience in the bullpen is desperately needed.

Core bullpen resources such as Jung Woo-young and Ko Woo-seok are highly likely to participate as national teams in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Asian Games, and APBC.

In particular, the Asian Games, which are held during the season, must participate because military issues are at stake. You will have to play without a core bullpen for about a month.

It is a situation where they absolutely need a bullpen resource to fill their fatigue and void. This is why LG is working hard without giving up on the Song Eun-beom contract.

Although the agreement has not yet been reached, it can be said that the possibility of an agreement has increased as conditions have improved compared to before.

LG’s changed attitude seems to have melted the heart of Song Eun-beom. He is taking a step back from his stubborn stance.

LG said it would respond to the revised proposal tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It means that negotiations that had no end in sight are gradually finding a solution.

LG still needed Song Eun-beom’s know-how, and Song Eun-beom had no answers other than LG. This is the reason why the contract suddenly jumped after the press release was issued.

The moment each other’s needs are clearly met, LG will be able to achieve the performance of completing the contract with all of the re-contract targets.

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