On-base king, became a flawless hitter except for home runs, 0 home runs, but his adjusted score production was ‘No.2’


Hong Chang-ki, the LG’s top hitter, is transforming into a perfect hitter. Except for one home run.

Hong Chang-ki has been on multi-on-base for 14 consecutive games. From the match against Samsung on June 14th to the match against KIA on the 30th, every game, whether it was a hit or a walk, was on base twice or more.토토사이트

Although the record was broken with no hits and no walks in 4 at bats against KIA on the 1st. In the game against KIA on the 2nd, he succeeded in reaching base again with 2 hits and 1 walk in 3 at-bats.

As of the 3rd, Hong Chang-ki has a batting average of 3.25 li (91 hits in 280 bats), 29 RBIs, 56 points, 12 stolen bases, 47 walks, 17 walks, an on-base percentage of .448, a slugging percentage of .407, and an OPS of .855.

It ranks high in the main hitting category. He ranks second in batting average, fourth in hits, seventh in stolen bases, first in walks, first in walks, first in on-base percentage, and ninth in OPS.

Regarding Hong Chang-ki, director Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “It was good before, and the balance has improved. He said, “My swing line is much better.” He said the batting direction becomes a spray heater.”

He continued, “Last year, I chased the ball, but without (his own) John, I lost my own while chasing and hitting the ball.”

Hong Chang-ki, who had a batting average of 3.28 li (4th place) and an on-base percentage of .456 (1st place) in 2021, recorded a batting average of 2.8 6 li and an on-base percentage of .390 last year.

Hong Chang-ki was absent for about a month due to an oblique muscle injury at the end of June last year, and after his return, he lost his batting balance and struggled. He had a batting average of .315 in the first half, but only a 2.46 in the second half.

Director Yeom said, “I practiced a lot since the camp and found my own zone. He and he did a lot of manuals on increasing contact coverage, he found his own,” he said. He added, “The feeling of hitting right now is the best in our team.”

Hong Chang-ki had a batting average of 3.08 4 in May, and was ranked first in the month. In June, he slowed down a bit with 3.18, but his batting average in the last 10 games was .40. There were only 8 multi-hits. .

However, among Hong Chang-ki’s hitting indicators, there is only one that is ‘0’. It’s a home run. The number of home runs last year was one. It was recorded in the KIA game on June 8 last year.

homer. This is the only indicator Hong Chang-ki lacks. Director Yeom said, “I was born without it. he wasn’t born Chang-gi is a hitter who hits with timing. He has good timing. He’s not a swing speed hitter. He has to have speed to hit long shots. That speed doesn’t come easily. He also explains that if he loses his timing trying to build speed, he loses his advantage.”

The current advantage alone is sufficient even without a home run. Coach Yeom said, “There are few strikeouts, good contact coverage, and even if they are out, they are hits with regular hits.”

Hong Chang-ki is currently the only hitter without a home run among the top 3 hitters in the league. But he is second in the league in wRC+ (adjusted scoring production). He scored 168, second only to Hanwha Noh Si-hwan (168.4).

Adjusted run production is the number of runs a hitter produces per plate appearance (wRC) adjusted for the league average and park factor. Even without a home run, Hong Chang-ki is the most dangerous hitter in the league. 

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