May you mature as much as you are sick… Lee Kang-in apologized for ‘reversal’


In response to the junior’s sincere apology, the senior also forgave him with a generous heart.
This is the story of Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min, who worked together on the Korean national soccer team. In particular, the conflict between seniors and juniors, which was caused by the table tennis incident during the Asian Cup, was also closed. Money S selected Lee Kang-in as the talk of the town on the 22nd, who came back more mature after being at the center of controversy due to a demotion.

South Korea challenged to regain the top spot in the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years this year. Expectations were higher than ever for the championship as a large number of outstanding players from overseas leagues such as Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, and Kim Min-jae participated in the K-League.

As the curtain rose, however, he disappointed everyone with his below-expected performance. He passed the group league by ranking second and struggled to advance to the semi-finals after two extra sessions, but that was the end of the game. His opponent in the semifinals was Jordan, which drew 2-2 in the group stage, but lost 0-2 due to lackluster performance. His ambitious goal of reclaiming the top spot in the Asian Cup in 64 years ended in failure.

Above all, there were a flurry of calls for Klinsmann and Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association, to resign as they played a skirmish that failed to record any effective shots.

However, it was belatedly known that South Korean players clashed with Jordan on the eve of the semifinal match, which caused a stir. According to News 1, captain Son Heung-min expressed dissatisfaction with some young players, including Lee Kang-in, leaving the table tennis room after dinner.

It didn’t look good to take individual actions at a time when team solidarity is important as a captain. I criticized it, but Lee Kang-in didn’t accept it. Angry Son Heung-min grabbed Lee Kang-in by the collar. Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min collided. In the process, Son Heung-min reportedly suffered a finger injury.

Criticism of Lee Kang-in against the captain has intensified. The entire sports world and political circles also strongly criticized Lee Kang-in. Public opinion got worse and fans turned their backs cold. Companies that modeled for Lee Kang-in also stopped related marketing. In the past, Lee Kang-in’s remarks were also under fire.

In the end, junior Lee Kang-in showed remorse. It didn’t start well, but I asked my senior for forgiveness in a desirable direction. He flew to London and apologized to Son Heung-min.
Lee Kang-in said on his SNS on the 21st, “With his short thoughts and rash actions in the Asian Cup, (Son) Heung-min caused great disappointment to the whole team, including his brother, and to the soccer fans,” adding, “I thought it was important for him to visit him in person and apologize sincerely. Through long conversations, I understood the weight of the team as captain and took time to look back on myself.”

Lee Kang-in also said, “I didn’t listen to the advice that Heung-min gave for unity as a captain, as an older brother, and as a teammate, and I only expressed my opinion,” adding, “I did something that I should never do. Looking back now, it was something that I should never do. I deeply regret it.”

Lee Kang-in said, “Respect and dedication to the team are the most important things, but it was not enough. I apologized by contacting each of my colleagues of the other seniors in the national team,” and vowed, “I will become Lee Kang-in, who strives and dedicates more to development as a soccer player and another person.”

Senior player Son Heung-min also embraced him. He posted a picture of him smiling while putting his arms around Lee Kang-in in London on his social media. “I sincerely regretted it and made a sincere apology to all the players in the national team. I made a lot of mistakes when I was young and showed bad performance, but I was able to be here thanks to the advice and teaching of good seniors every time,” Son said.

“I will take special care of all the players so that he can grow into a good person and a good player as a senior member of the national team, and as a captain,” Son said. “Kang is having a hard time. Please forgive me with a generous heart.” 토토사이트

The view of the Korean national soccer team is not good due to the elimination of the Asian Cup. We hope that this meeting with London’s “shoulder companion” will serve as an opportunity for the national team to unite again.

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