The Power Enhancement Committee working with the answer of “appointment of an official coach within three weeks”?


He seems to have already decided on the answer and worked.

Now, the newly organized power reinforcement committee has revealed its intention to appoint a formal coach before the A-match in March. It is too tight a time for a proper coach appointment process to work.

The Korea Football Association held a national team power reinforcement committee at the soccer center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Feb. 21. The committee held the first discussion on the appointment of the national team coach, which was vacated due to the dismissal of coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Jung Hae-sung, the new chairman of the committee who held a press briefing after the meeting, said he plans to appoint the next head coach as an official coach before the March A-match period.

Considering the importance of the national team coach, the appointment process should be tricky. Currently, Korean soccer is paying the price of appointing a coach whose career was cut off in February 2023 by ignoring the appointment process. Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association, argued that the process of appointing Klinsmann and the process of appointing Paulo Bento were the same, but few believe this.

The national team coach, who will be appointed this time, has to carry out a number of important tasks, including trust that has collapsed under former coach Klinsmann, suturing factions within the squad, advancing to the finals of the North-China World Cup, and advancing to the round of 16 for two consecutive tournaments.

For this reason, some people reportedly suggested appointing an official coach with more time to spare before the A-match period in June, while holding a temporary coach system in March. Considering common sense in handling such matters, it would be more desirable for the coach to be appointed.

The A-match period in March is exactly one month away. The second round of the World Cup qualifying round between Korea and Thailand will take place on March 21.

The appointment of an A-match team coach must be completed before that. The team needs to submit its A-match roster to FIFA in advance. It is impossible to make a national team roster without a coach.

In other words, the deadline is shorter than one month. It can be as long as three weeks. The newly-organized power reinforcement committee has decided to appoint a “official” coach within three weeks. Time is too short to appoint a formal coach.

In the past, the process of appointing a national team coach was to select more than 50 primary candidates, then select candidates and leave the final candidates around five to conduct interviews.

Such a process cannot be carried out under such a tight schedule that requires the appointment of an official coach within three weeks. Even if there are only 50 candidates in the first round, they do not have enough time to properly analyze and evaluate each coach. If a foreign coach is included in the candidate list, the process will become more difficult.

In fact, Chairman Chung Hae-sung said, “We prioritize domestic coaches.” In fact, it is natural that a foreign coach cannot be appointed. As a domestic coach is already well known, there is no need to draw up a list of candidates or conduct detailed analysis, so three weeks is enough time.

It also left open the possibility to omit the incumbent coach of the K-League. “If the current coach is to work for each club, he should visit the club in person and ask for help,” said Jung Hae-sung, chairman of the committee. The fact that an incumbent coach is included in the candidate list does not consider symbiosis in the Korean soccer community at all. Taking a coach just 10 days before the opening of the K-League means that a team will ruin a year of farming.

The official supporters of the national team, the “Red Devils,” are also expressing concern over the behavior of trying to “rob” the active manager of the K League. The Red Devils expressed caution on their official SNS, saying, “Most of the members of the Red Devils are also supporters of local clubs who live their lives before the national team’s supporters,” adding, “Looking at the coaches being discussed by the Power Enhancement Committee, I doubt whether there is any respect and consideration left for the K League.”

Some soccer fans suspect that there are already candidates for the next national team coach. There are already people who have been mentioned as candidates for the next national team coach through various media outlets. 업소알바 It is obvious that there are only a few candidates that can be considered by the Power Enhancement Committee, which urgently seeks to appoint a formal coach ahead of the March A-match period.

The briefing session of the power reinforcement committee was an occasion to address such suspicion. However, the committee’s chairman Chung Hae-sung said, “I will appoint an official coach within March,” “There is a high possibility that he will play in the domestic league,” and “I will ask for help from the club if I am decided as an incumbent coach in the K-League.”

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