“I wonder if an event is needed” Ha Joo-seok, who is not needed right now… Wonho Choi is not in a hurry either, why?


“I don’t know if an event is needed.”

Joo-seok Ha of the Hanwha Eagles started as shortstop and first batter in an away match against the Goyang Heroes held at Goyang Baseball Stadium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 5th and recorded 2 hits and 1 walk in 4 at-bats. did.

It was an official batter box that entered in a whopping 270 days. On June 16 last year, in the match against Lotte Giants in Daejeon, President Ha committed an atrocity by picking up and throwing his helmet in anger at the strike decision. He could be angry at an unfair decision, but the way he expressed it was clearly not the right way. In particular, Wes Clemens, the head coach at the time, was hit by a helmet thrown by Joo-Seok Ha. As a result, Ha Joo-seok was suspended from the KBO for 10 games and fined 3 million won.

The problem is that the incident did not end with a single ‘helmet throwing’. Ha Joo-seok committed an atrocity of drunk driving during the finish camp after the season ended. At the time, Joo-seok Ha, who was drunk and behind the wheel, had a blood alcohol level of 0.078%, the level of license suspension. In the end, Ha Joo-seok received a severe punishment from the KBO of suspension for 70 games. And the Daejeon District Prosecutors’ Office prosecuted Ha Joo-seok with a fine.

Ha Joo-seok received a lot of attention from his amateur days to the extent that he was nominated by Hanwha with the first overall pick in the first round of the 2012 rookie draft. That’s how great his talent is. Ha Joo-seok became a ‘problem child’ or ‘accident’ at the center of various incidents while walking on the path of winning and winning, such as wearing the Taegeuk mark at the 1st Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). Fans’ public opinion toward Ha Joo-seok was ‘worst’.

In the end, Ha Joo-seok, who received 70 severe punishments, has been building his body alone, and the discipline was only completed on the 28th of last month. And Chairman Ha appeared in the official match for the 2nd team for the first time on the 5th. He failed to produce a hit in his first at-bat, and Joo-seok Ha, who started the game, got a walk in his second at-bat. And in the third at-bat, he got his first comeback hit against Goyang starter Noh Un-hyeon, and in the fourth at-bat in the 7th inning, he only recorded a second baseman ground ball to the changed pitcher Hong Seong-min, but in the last at-bat in the 9th inning, he scored a double and returned with a ‘multi-hit’. I have finished.

Ha Joo-seok’s drunk driving incident last year was also very fatal for Hanwha, who had to prepare for the next season. Hanwha, who was in great trouble as they lost their starting shortstop as if struck by a ‘flying thunderbolt’ in the middle of the night, had no choice but to open their wallets to put out the urgent fire by recruiting Oh Seon-jin in the FA (free agent) market. Of course, at this point, Lee Do-yoon is active as the main player, and Ha Joo-seok’s absence is hardly felt.

Ha Joo-seok played a comeback match, but coach Choi Won-ho seemed to have no intention of rushing his comeback. Prior to the match against Lotte in Daejeon on the 5th, coach Choi Won-ho said, “I think Ha Joo-seok should play more games in the 2nd team. And I will listen to the evaluation of the 2nd team.” I think I will be able to catch the time to come back only when I fall.”

Hanwha is not in a bad mood, as it has recently won 8 consecutive wins that will remain in the history of the club. It’s not a relaxed situation, but it’s clearly in a position to compete for a postseason ticket. And while Ha Joo-seok was away, Oh Seon-jin, Lee Do-yoon, and Park Jung-hyun brilliantly filled the void. Ha Joo-seok is not in a hurry right now.

Director Choi Won-ho said, “First, Ha Joo-seok’s feeling in the 2nd team should be raised and it should be to the extent that ‘you can play in the 1st team’. And the second, you have to look at the situation in the 1st team. Now, Lee Do-yoon is doing well. Lee Do-yoon I think it should be called up at a time when the team has fallen into this slump or when the overall atmosphere of the team has subsided. First of all, it is most important to check whether Joo-seok Ha is ready.”토토사이트주소

Continuing, the command tower said, “Currently, problems occur on the shortstop side of the first team, and the team atmosphere has subsided, so if an event is needed, Ha Joo-seok must be raised quickly. I will make a decision after seeing it. It is not possible to say when I will call up,” he emphasized.

It is clear that Ha Joo-seok is what Hanwha needs. However, at this point, it doesn’t seem easy to be called up to the 1st team right away even if the 2nd team completes all preparations. This is why the situation and flow faced by the first team players is more important than the individual players. As Hanwha’s recent trend is not bad, manager Choi Won-ho is not expected to rush Ha Joo-seok’s call-up.

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