It was almost taken away, but the transfer failed… Tottenham considers ‘recommissioning’


Tottenham Hotspur are still interested in Antonio Nusa.

He is a promising player from Norway. Even at the young age of 18, he has a solid 180cm physique and is a versatile player who can play wingers, offensive midfielders and even the frontier. He is a crack-type player who exerts influence based on his outstanding speed and flexible technique, and his dribbling patterns are very anomalous.

He has already established himself in the team. He debuted as an adult in the 2021-22 season as a member of Club Brugge and gained ground by playing in 21 matches in the 2022-23 season alone. He also played in the UEFA Champions League this season and scored a goal, leaving a strong impression on the team.

He is being used as a starting resource this season. He is playing in 31 matches including the Cup championship, and has four goals and four assists.

Last winter, he received Tottenham’s attention. Rumors were that Nusa was also positive for Tottenham’s transfer, and negotiations made rapid progress. “Nusa is expected to leave Brugge after this season. No deal has been made, but Tottenham will proceed with the negotiations. Nusa also wants to move to Tottenham,” said Thomas Teke, who reports on Belgian football.

However, the situation has changed due to Brentford’s participation in the game. Nusa wanted to play regularly, but was attracted to Brentford’s offer and eventually chose Brentford instead of Tottenham. Alessdier Gold, a well-versed reporter with Tottenham news, said, “Nusa Brentford was chosen because he wanted to be guaranteed a starting position in the team.” 고소득알바

However, Noosa’s transfer to Brentford did not go through. It was because a medical test revealed a problem. “During a medical test, knee and back problems were discovered. In particular, knee problems are understood to be potentially very serious,” said Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports in the U.S.

Eventually, Nusa remained at Club Brugge. In a way, Tottenham, who was stabbed in the back by a player, continued to pay attention to him. “Tottenham continues to pay attention to Nusa as his trip to Brentford has failed. He has been playing the most consistently at Club Brugge recently,” Gold said.

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