Lingard’s K-League debut was like this


He made his faded debut with a complete defeat against Jesse Lingard and Gwangju.

FC Seoul, which had the first round of “Hana One Q K League 1 2024” at Gwangju Football Stadium at 2 p.m., was completely defeated by Gwangju FC 0-2. Seoul was taken away by Lee Hee-kyun’s mid-range shot in the 20th minute of the first half, and Gabriel gave up an additional run in the second half.

Lingard’s debut match drew a lot of attention. Lingard was included in the candidate list and started the game on the bench. “I don’t want to include it now. I have to watch the flow of the game, but it won’t be easy now. I don’t have any expectations,” Kim said. As Lingard’s physical condition only reached 70 percent, it was hard to predict not only the starting lineup but also the introduction of him in the second half.

However, things did not go as Kim wanted. Seoul was taken aback by Gwangju’s anomalous tactics in the first half of the game. Except for Lee Hee-kyun’s first goal at the 20th minute of the first half, the team gave up many chances to attack. Choi’s good defense and Gwangju players’ unfortunate finish allowed them to endure without losing any more goals.

Eventually, he took out the Lingard card at 31st minute in the second half. Kim excluded Kim Kyung-min who he put in in the second half and put in Lingard to win and lose. It was Lingard’s debut game in the K-League.

Lingard made several eye-catching plays even in a short time. As soon as he was put in, he aimed for the back space with a lobbing pass to Kim Jin-ya. He then attempted a bold left-footed shot when he got a shot opportunity near the penalty arc.

In the 38th minute of the second half, he almost helped to score the equalizer. Lingard ran from the right and crossed, and Ilyulchenko headed in the penalty area. The ball was bound in front of the goal and was blocked by Kim Kyung-min. Considering that Seoul’s cross was inefficient throughout the game, Lingard’s cross was of a different quality.

He also received his first warning in the second half. He attempted to block Park Tae-joon’s counterattack with a tackle in the Gwangju camp but committed a foul. The referee immediately pulled out a yellow card. He seemed to check whether Park was a red card through VAR but failed to pass the game.

He also unfortunately lost the opportunity to shoot. After Gabriel’s additional goal, Seoul made the last attack, and the second ball fell toward Lingard near the penalty arc. However, Palosevic and Lingard overlapped at the moment, and Lingard’s shot attempt ended in vain. 핑크알바

“I used (Kim) Kyung-min when I had to score a goal in the second half,” Kim Ki-dong said after the match. “I thought Lingard was the only player who could score a goal while playing for about 20 minutes in the second half, rather than missing out because he was not so bad,” he said. “He failed to show off his prime probably because he couldn’t spend a long time together. He showed some good performances.”

Lingard exited the mixed zone with a firm look after the match. Reporters called out Lingard’s name but he was not interviewed. Lingard immediately boarded an away bus heading back to Seoul.

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