Ice speed Kim Min-seon wins a new record in the 500m Winter Sports Festival… Lee Seung-hoon wins 5000m gold


Korean speed skating leader Kim Min-seon (24, Korea University) set a new record in the women’s 500m at the National Winter Sports Festival and won the championship.

Kim Min-seon won her gold medal at the 104th Winter Sports Games Speed ​​Skating Women’s 500m event held at the Taereung International Ice Rink in Seoul on the 27th, with a new event record of 37.90 seconds.

Kim Min-seon advanced her previous tournament record (38 seconds 10) set by Lee Sang-hwa at the 97th event in 2016 by 0.20 seconds.

This year’s Winter Sports Festival will begin on the 17th of next month in Ulsan. However, the speed skating event overlaps with the schedule of international competitions, so pre-games are held from this day to the 29th.

Min-seon Kim, who recently won three gold medals at the 31st Winter World University Games held in Lake Placid, USA, returned to Korea on the 24th and continued her upward trend by reaching the top with her new record in the tournament three days later.

Meanwhile, in the 5000m event held earlier, Lee Seung-hun (34, IHQ) recorded 6 minutes 40 seconds 49, beating second place Ahn Hyun-jun (Seongnam City Hall, 6 minutes 45 seconds 28) and won the gold medal.

Lee Seung-hoon won the bronze medal in the mass start at the Beijing Winter Olympics in February last year, becoming the holder of the most medals at the Olympics. 메이저놀이터

In December, he won the men’s overall championship at the 77th National Men’s and Women’s Comprehensive Speed ​​Skating Championships, and again won the gold medal, showing off his strength.

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