If you don’t do anything, “Scold”… KIM KIDONG’s soccer game starts now


If the coach barks at least for a moment, coach Kim Ki-dong’s call for disrespect will fall. This is a scene of FC Seoul’s training ground.

FC Seoul Open Training was held at GS Champions Park in Guri, Gyeonggi Province at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. It is the second open training session since Kim Ki-dong’s inauguration. Seoul opened Kim Ki-dong’s first training session to reporters in January.

“Kim Ki-dong-ho” Seoul didn’t have a good start. It lost 0-2 to Gwangju FC led by coach Lee Jung-hyo in the away opening match, and tied with Incheon United in the ensuing home opening match by playing a poor match in front of 50,000 spectators. Above all, the team failed to meet Seoul fans’ expectations as it lacked performance that coach Kim displayed during his time as Pohang Steelers.

Fortunately, right before the A-match break, he succeeded in turning the mood around. He won 2-0 in the third round of the league against Jeju United last weekend, marking his first win of the season. In the first half of the season, when he scored two goals, he was evaluated as revealing the color of Kim Ki-dong’s soccer. With the addition of Ryu Jae-moon and Choi Jun, center and side plays have been revived, and Ki’s aggressive use of the team has also been effective.

Kim has expressed his will to make the most of this A-match break and seek an upward trajectory. “I talked with Coach Juninho. It’s an important time to step up,” Kim told a news conference after the match against Jeju.

Coach Kim said he was serious about the training. He first came to the training site on the day and checked the condition of the grass. He said to his manager, “It’s especially bad in front of the goal. I was like that in Pohang, too.”

After the training began in earnest, Kim loudly led the players. In particular, he emphasized the players’ position when switching from offensive to defensive. While watching the players’ mini-game, the players shouted, “Stay still again!” even if a little bit under pressure. As Kim’s voice got louder, the players’ concentration gradually increased, and fierce competition to watch the game took place.

The training was longer than expected. Originally, Seoul planned to conduct two training sessions in the morning and in the afternoon, but only conducted morning training considering the players’ physical conditions. Instead, the team slightly increased the training volume to complete the same training twice.

Kim’s voice remained hushed as he interviewed right after the training session. He continued to yell and lead the players. However, Kim said he was not satisfied yet. “I lost my voice because I kept yelling,” Kim said. “I think we made it too easy to play soccer. I think we had a loose reaction and conversion to our defense while owning the ball, but we have to change that in order to catch up with the soccer that I am pursuing,” he said. 고소득알바

“Kim Ki-dong soccer game is just beginning. As Kim said, Seoul is gradually changing. The time when the color will be revealed in earnest is expected to be April. Until then, Kim’s voice will likely always remain at rest.

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