“If Young-cheol is 140 kilometers now, he must be 150 kilometers during the season.” KIA, which remains the same, has a lively Canberra ‘Lee Sang-moo’


“If it’s 140km now, it’ll be 150km during the season”

Jin Gap-yong, the head coach of KIA Tigers’ spring camp, greeted reporters with a bright face at the bullpen session at Nabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia on the 9th (Korea time). Jin Gap-yong went around the stadium, including bullpen sessions, batting drills and defense drills, to check players’ training, and communicated with players and coaches depending on situations.

Just in time, Yoon Young-chul’s bullpen session was under way. When the team’s own equipment confirmed that Yoon had a better pitching power than the previous season, the coaching staff looked pleased. When faced with Yoon’s unique smile, Jin Gap-yong, the assistant coach, said, “If it is 140 kilometers now, it must be 150 kilometers during the season.”

KIA is seeking a new coach after manager Kim Jong-kook was investigated by prosecutors on charges of malpractice. It is a spring camp without a head, but the absence of a coach is not indicated at all in the first spring camp, where the teamwork of coaches and players in each part is important.

The stadium played exciting songs that are popular in Korea. Batters and pitchers alike looked bright. He was serious when serious feedback came and went, and overall his tension was high. Players moved systematically according to a set schedule.

What’s more, club officials say that assistant coach Jin Gap-yong is creating a lively atmosphere. Byun Woo-hyuk said, “Jin Gap-yong is making the training atmosphere very bright. The atmosphere is really good.” “It’s the same. During the rest days, players would go out to eat and look at outlets.”

Captain Na Seong-beom also said something similar. “The weather is nice. It’s similar to summer, but there is also a cool breeze. 꽁머니지급 The coach is not here, but he is doing well without any problems.” Jin Kap-yong, the head coach, had a separate interview before the camp started. “I was told to stop being agitated and not to worry about it and just do as you always do,” he said.

Na Seong-beom gave a blunt answer. “The coach will come someday. You can do the same after you come. The coach will keep watching the camp, and we just have to do what we prepared.” He is right. Just because a new coach is coming doesn’t mean that players suddenly prepare something different.

Most KIA players finish their training after lunch, but after training at a weight training center near the team’s lodging facility in the afternoon, they continue to train themselves. With or without a manager, they are preparing well for the 2024 season on their own. Simply put, there is nothing wrong with this.

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