“Ineligible Judges” were assigned to the Boys’ Sports Festival, and “Grade 5” was entered in the secondary school…KFA is also recognized, and disciplinary action is inevitable


A local football association was found to have assigned an “ineligible referee” to the “National Youth Sports Festival (Youth Sports Festival)” game. 

The Boys’ Sports Festival is a nationwide competition of boys and girls held under the auspices of the Korean Sports Council. The team that wins the regional preliminary round for the Boys’ Sports Festival will compete in the National Sports Festival as a representative of each city and province. It is an important competition responsible for the future of Korean soccer.  

Ineligible referees entered the competition and made decisions. According to the regulations, a middle-grade referee must have at least a level 4 certificate of qualification. Grade 4 judges can see the referee in a professional soccer elementary (U-12) match and the referee in a professional soccer secondary (U-15) match. However, two grade 5 referees were assigned to the competition. Two ineligible referees participated in the four games. 

The reason why an unqualified referee was able to serve as a referee in the Boys’ Sports Festival was because the game report did not go on the KFA’s list. Even if an ineligible referee or even an unqualified referee is assigned, the KFA cannot confirm this system. It seems that the KFA has exploited this loophole. 

The former director of the local football association, A, admitted to the assignment of an ineligible referee.  

He said, “It is right to assign an ineligible referee to the Boys’ Sports Festival. I made that choice because there were not enough referees. Again, I was ignorant. The referee director in charge of the referee assignment is currently vacant. I was not properly aware of the regulations, etc. Our staff randomly assigned judges, and I approved them. Our soccer association’s fault is right, and my responsibility is right. I’m sorry for being ignorant. I won’t let this happen again.”  퀸알바

The KFA is also aware of the case. Disciplinary action is inevitable when an ineligible referee is assigned. The KFA ordered the KFA to submit a letter of respect to the football association. A former executive director said, “If the KFA disciplinary action is taken, I will take it kindly.”

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